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"Monster Hunter World: Iceborn" Free Large Title Update 5th Release! The appearance of the Black Dragon "MiraboReas" and the full opening of "layered equipment"!


The fifth free major title update for the popular hunting action game " Monster Hunter World: Iceborn " on PlayStation 4 andSteam has been released.
The update is scheduled for October 1, 2020 (Thursday), and fans are talking about many additional elements, such as the appearance of the black dragon " Miraboreas " and the opening of all "layered equipment".

Attack of the Black Dragon "Miraboreas

Miraboreas, a legendary presence since the first "Monster Hunter" game, makes its long-awaited appearance in "Monster Hunter World: Iceborn"!
The powerful trailer also shows the considerable difficulty level of the game.
Miraboreas will appear in a special mission that will be added in an update on October 1, 2020 (Thursday).
This special mission will only be available after the ending of "Monster Hunter World: Iceborn" and the discovery of Albatrion, so be sure to get the game underway by October 1, 2020 (Thursday).

New weapons and armor can be produced with materials from Miraboreas.

Weapons and armor using materials from Miraboreas
Otomo armor turns Otomo into a legendary black dragon!

As soon as Miraboreas appears in the game, new equipment using materials from Miraboreas will also be available.
New weapons will be added to each of the 14 weapon types, as well as the "EX Dragon Alpha" and "EX Dragon Beta" series of armor, and the "EX Black Dragon Cat Alpha" series of otomo equipment.

New Characters to Accompany the Emergence of Miraboreas

The general who appeared at the crisis of Miraboleas's appearance.

Due to the unprecedented crisis of the appearance of Miraboreas, the " Shogun," the emissary of the guild, will appear for the first time.
What role will he play in the game?

Major updates to the system!

The fifth update, scheduled for October 1, 2020 (Thursday), is attracting a lot of attention with the arrival of Miraboleas, but there will also be many other system updates.

New Skill "Enhanced Clutch Attack

Clutches enhanced by additional clutch attack skills

A new skill, "Clutch Attack Enhancement," will be introduced as an additional action element.
With "Clutch Attack Enhancement," clutching weapons will make it easier to wound monsters and drop bullets from slingers.

Opening of all layered equipment

Layered equipment with increased production lineup

With this update, all layered equipment will be opened.
The "layered equipment" is special equipment that changes only the appearance of the hunter.
In addition, some of the layered equipment will appear in event quests scheduled to be distributed in the future.

Rekishi King Yverkana is scheduled to make an appearance.

A new quest will be added for Yverkarna, who also appears in the "Monster Hunter World: Iceborn" package.
However, it will not be added immediately after the October 1, 2020 (Thursday) update, but will be announced in the future event quest schedule.

New elements in maca alchemy

In addition to the addition of " Spirit Vein Alchemy III " to the alchemy of the Ancient Dragon People in Maca Alchemy, ornaments with a rarity of 9 or higher can be used as materials in the alchemy of ornaments.
In addition, the following items can be used as materials for alchemy of ornaments.

  • Blowless Pearl [2
  • Bead of Strong Wall [2
  • Bead of Stiff Edge [2
  • Bead of Dragon Seal [2
  • Bead of Bow [2
  • Bead of heart's eye【2】.

The new game also adds many other elements that add color to the game.

Many other elements that add color to the game have been added

Furniture to be added in this update

New background music for the performance box that can be listened to in Celiena's My House, and new designs that can be selected for guild cards and circle cards have also been added.
In addition, several pieces of furniture that can be obtained with the steam power limit bonus and charms that can be attached to weapons will also be added.

The fifth major title update, scheduled for October 1, 2020 (Thursday), is a massive update that will also add detailed elements to the game outside of quests.
Details of the update can be found on a special page on the official website of "Monster Hunter World: Iceborn.


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