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The latest information on "Monster Hunter Stories 2 - Wings of Ruin" is released! The release date is also decided!

「モンスターハンターストーリーズ2 ~破滅の翼~」の最新情報が公開!発売日も決定!

Monster Hunter Special Program 2021.3.8 " distributed on Monday, March 8, 2021
As we mentioned on funglr Games, a lot of information about the newest title in the series, "Monster Hunter Rise," was released, but there was also new information about another long-awaited title!
The latest information about "Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Doom " has been released!

The latest promotional video is out!

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Doom" has not been announced for a long time, but now the latest promotional video has been released! We have just found out a part of the world and the story of the game!

What is entrusted to us, doom or hope?

On the night of a festival held in the village of Mahana, in the heart of Hakolo Island.
Rio Leus from all over the world disappear.

The main character, grandson of Rider Redo, the protector of Reus, the god of the island, is a new rider, gaining experience.
While gaining experience as a new rider, he meets Ena, a dragon girl who knows Ledo.
He leaves the island to protect the egg of Rio Reus, which was entrusted to Ena by Protector Reus.

While investigating strange phenomena occurring in various places, the egg finally hatches.
What is born is Reus, who has small wings and cannot fly.

"When its wings open, the world will cease to exist."
The encounter with the legendary Reus changes the destiny of the protagonist
"モンスターハンターストーリーズ2 ~破滅の翼~"公式サイト

We are curious to see what kind of story will be spun, but let's wait for further information.

In addition to the main character, Ena,Keina, Alma, andTsukino, who have already appeared in the video, there are also new characters in the video.
Redo, the legendary rider and grandfather of the main character, whose name has only appeared in the video.


Nabilou, who supported the player in the previous game.


And " Reus the Doomed, " an important character who holds the key to this title, was revealed.

Reus of Doom

New "Otomon " characters such as Tamamitsune and Pukepuke can also be seen.


There will also be a " co-op dungeon " as a multiplayer element, where players will have to cooperate with each other in quests!
The game is currently under development, and we can expect more information to be released in the future, so let's wait for more news!

Co-ed dungeon

Linked elements to the product information will also be revealed!

Along with the release of the latest video, product information for "Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Doom" was also announced.
In addition to the standard edition, a " Deluxe Edition " will be released, which includes the main game and additional content such as Ena's outfit, the main character's layered equipment, stamps, hairstyles, and the Nabilu Codes.

deluxe edition

A limited number of the "Deluxe Editions" will also include the " Kamura's Receptionist Codes," En a's costumes, as an exclusive downloadable bonus.

Ena's "Kamura's Receptionist Costume

And amiibo "Ena", "Ruin Reus", and "Tsukino " will be released on the same day as the game!

The amiibo will be able to get a special outfit for each amiibo when they are used in the game, and there will also be a bonus that will happen once a day.

amiibo "Ena", "Ruin Reus" and "Tsukino

The packaged version, downloadable version, deluxe edition, and amiibo for "Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Doom" will be available for pre-order soon!
Let's wait for more information!

The game will also be linked to "Monster Hunter Rise," a feature that many have been wondering about.

Linkage with "Monster Hunter Rise

If you have save data from "Monster Hunter Rise," you can get the armor equipped by the hunters in "Monster Hunter Rise" as the main character's " Kamurano outfit "!
This is an item of clothing that will only be available through the linkage element, so be sure to get it!

The official site has been renewed!

モンスターハンターストーリーズ2 ~破滅の翼~
Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Doom

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin" will be released worldwide on July 9, 2021 (Friday)!
The official website for "Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Doom" has been renewed to coincide with the release of new information at the "Monster Hunter Special Program 2021.3.8".
The site has been renewed to provide more detailed information on the story and other videos, as well as product information.
There is still a little time left until the release of the game, but if you play "Monster Hunter Rise", July will fly by in no time!
There are also some elements that are linked to "Monster Hunter Rise", so let's wait for the release of "Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Doom" while playing "Monster Hunter Rise"!


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