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Hunting ban! "Monster Hunter Rise" released today! Additional monsters released in the title update at the end of April!


Monster Hunter Rise ", the latest title in Capcom's Monster Hunter series, finally went on sale today, Friday, March 26, 2021.
Some people are taking " MonHun vacation " to play the game at this very moment, while others are planning to start the game after school or work, so they are not able to study or do any other work.
Today at 20:00, Capcom TV will broadcast a special program to commemorate the launch of Monster Hunter Rise, so don't miss it!
It was announced in the "Monster Hunter Special Program 2021.3.8" distributed on March 8 that "Monster Hunter Rise" will receive a free title update at the end of April 2021. A video containing some of this information has been released!

カプコンTV!「モンスターハンターライズ 発売記念特番」が3月26日(金)20時から生放送!

Nushi Rioreus will be added!

The video released this time is the " Nintendo Switch "Monster Hunter Rise" Hunting Release Video " to coincide with the release of "Monster Hunter Rise".
The first half of the video shows "flying bugs," "manipulating dragons," "iron bugs thread techniques," "100 dragon nightly adventures," and more, but the problem is the second half of the video.
The new monster "Nushi Rioreus," which will be added in the free title update to be distributed at the end of April 2021, has been announced!

Nusi Rioreus
Nintendo Switch『モンスターハンターライズ』狩猟解禁映像

The " Rioreus," a monster that represents the MonHun series and is a formidable foe even by itself, will appear as the " Nushi" monster...!
I have a feeling that it will not be a simple matter to defeat it.
This will be distributed together with the " Kasumi Ryu Ounazuchi " that has been announced as a free title update, and it is likely that other monsters will be added, so let's make sure to play hard and raise our HR before then!

Free Title Update
Nintendo Switch『モンスターハンターライズ』狩猟解禁映像

Monster Hunter Rise" will be released on Nintendo Switch today, Friday, March 26, 2021!
You can purchase the downloadable version for 7,990 yen (tax included) from the My Nintendo Store or the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch.
I know many of you will be off tomorrow and the day after, so don't worry about staying up late today!
Let's go hunting, alone or together!
For more details, check the official Monster Hunterize website!


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I want to take a class by Tsubasa Honda! Tv commercial of "Monster Hunter Rise" released!
I want to take a class by Tsubasa Honda! Tv commercial of "Monster Hunter Rise" ...

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