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Monhan Rise worldwide shipment exceeded 7 million bottles! Commemorative quests and item pack delivery!


Capcom's latest title in the "Monster Hunter" series, " Monster Hunter Rise," continues to gain momentum with the release of " Ver. 3.0," a free title update.
Not only additional monsters but also a new ending that continues the story have been added, and it seems that many people have already reached the end of the story.
Many people have been spoiled, so be careful when searching on social networking sites!
Monster Hunter Rise" has shipped over 7 million units worldwide in the two months since its release !
This is due in part to the fact that the game was released on Nintendo Switch, and it seems that this is also due to the fact that each family member has a Nintendo Switch to purchase the game.
To celebrate the 7 millionth unit sold, Challenge Quests and Item Packs are now available!


Kamura Pack 3 & Challenge Quest 01 are now available!

To commemorate the 7 millionth worldwide shipment of "Monster Hunter Rise", " Kamura Pack 3 " and "Challenge Quest 01" are now available for download.
Kamura Pack 3" is an item pack containing essential items for hunting.

Kamura Pack 3
  • Recovery Pill Great x 30
  • Roasted meat x 20
  • Large crystal bomb x 10
  • Onijin Yaku Great x 5
  • Hardening Pill Great x 5

The following is a list of the items you can get.
You can have all of these items in any quantity, so don't forget to pick them up from the in-game postman!

Challenge Quest 01

Challenge Quest 01 " is a quest to defeat " Yotsumiwadou " in the arena.
There is no hunter rank requirement, but the number of participants must be two or less.
This is a special quest that requires the use of a specific set of weapons, so be sure to give it a try!

An event quest to obtain "Throwing Kisses" will also be available!

Event Quest "Mermaid Dragon Dances in Spectacular Form"

A new event quest, "The Mermaid Dragon Dances in Spl endor," will be available from May 28, 2021 (Fri.)!
This is a quest to hunt one " Isonemikuni " in the cold archipelago, and the requirement is HR4 or higher.
The quest requires HR4 or higher. You will be rewarded with a "Throwing Kiss" Jasher for clearing the quest, so it is a must-complete!
Let's hunt for "Isonemikuni" by using the "Kamura Pack 3"!


MonHun Rise Still Selling Well!

Monster Hunter Rise" has sold over 7 million copies, but it has only been on sale for about 2 months.
It has been on sale for only about two months, and with more updates and quests to come, it is sure to sell even better in the future.
If we sell a lot of copies, we can look forward to more updates and the next game, and it would be great to have a commemorative gift like this one!
The action of the "Sho-mushi" is very light and fun, so for those of you who have been away from the hunter's life for a while, why don't you come back to the hunter's life with this new title?
For more information, please check the official "Monster Hunter Rise" website!


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  • Nintendo Switch
  • Steam
"Monster Hunter Rise" free title update is now available! New elements such as new monsters and Hunter Rank release are implemented!
"Monster Hunter Rise" free title update is now available! New elements such as n...

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