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In commemoration of the "88th Japan Derby (GI)", the momo tetsu style horse racing game "Momotaro Electric Railway Derby" supervised by Konami is released!

「第88回 日本ダービー(GI)」を記念してコナミ全面監修の桃鉄風競馬すごろくゲーム「桃太郎電鉄ダービー」が公開!

Japan Central Horse Racing Association has collaborated with " Momotaro Dentetsu" to launch a special website " Momotaro Dentetsu Derby " on Monday, May 17, 2021, from 17:00.

This collaboration was conducted prior to the 88th Japan Derby (GI) to be held on Sunday, May 30, 2021.
In the "Momotaro Dentetsu Derby," players, as owners of horses, participate in races at "JRA racetracks" throughout Japan and train racehorses to win the Japan Derby at "Tokyo Racecourse," the final destination of the race. The game is a Momotetsu-style sugoroku game in which players aim to win the Japan Derby at the final destination, the Tokyo Racecourse.
The game also features Momotaro Dentetsu's familiar "red," "blue," and "yellow" squares, as well as the god of poverty.

Roll the dice to reach your destination!


The game is played by rolling the dice and moving through the map, aiming at randomly selected destinations (JRA racetracks across Japan).

The three colored squares along the way affect the race, with blue squares increasing the Luck Gauge and red squares decreasing it.
Each time the Luck Gauge is maxed out, the number of dice available for use in the race increases.
If you answer this quiz correctly, you will be given another chance to roll the dice.
The quiz questions in the "Momotaro Dentetsu Derby" can be previewed in the "Urashima Quiz" section.


The race starts when the top three players arrive at their destination.
The number of dice available for the race increases according to the arrival rank, and the winner is determined by the total number of dice rolled three times.

Momotaro DentetsuダービーPR TIMES

Winning a race increases the number of dice available for use in the next race.
The player who finishes last in the race will be assigned a god of poverty, and his or her luck gauge will decrease each turn.

The final race is the "Japan Derby"! At the final destination, "Tokyo Racecourse," the final battle will be fought using the luck collected so far and the dice obtained by winning the race.

Celebrity Video Experiences of the Contents!

Videos of famous celebrities and popular video creators experiencing the content will be available on YouTube.
More information will be released on the official website after May 24, 2021 (Monday).

Japan Derby and Momotaro Dentetsu Collaboration Campaign!

A follow and retweet campaign will be held to commemorate the collaboration between Japan Derby and Momotaro Dentetsu.

"Momotaro Dentetsu Derby Dice Chance" will also be held!


In addition to the Twitter follow and retweet campaign, an auto reply campaign "Momotaro Dentetsu Derby Dice Chance" linked to the race will be held from Monday, May 24 to Sunday, May 30, 2021.
When you retweet the campaign post, you will receive an auto-reply with the roll of the dice and an image with a number on it.
Ten winners will be selected by drawing from among those whose numbers match the horse number of the Japan Derby winner to receive an EJOICA electronic money gift worth 10,000 yen.
The winners must follow the official Umabi Twitter account ( @Umabi_Official ).

Play Momotaro Dentetsu Derby and enjoy the Japan Derby ahead of the rest!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

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