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Momo kuro × Details announcement of momo iron collaboration! The new song theme song sung by Momo kuro is pre-delivered in the game!

ももクロ × 桃鉄コラボの詳細発表!ももクロが歌う新曲テーマソングがゲーム内で先行配信!

On November 19, 2021 (Friday), it will be one full year since the release of Konami's " Momotaro Dentetsu ~Showa Heisei 2025, Waimo Standard! ~Momotaro Dentetsu " (Momotetsu)
Momotetsu" is a game that has been on the market for a full year now, and its second year is sure to be even more exciting, not only because of the free in-game updates and limited-time events, but also because of its game features and collaboration with real events in the real world!
Momotetsu recently announced a collaboration with Momoiro Clover Z(@momoclo_king_pr), one of Japan's most popular idol groups and weekend heroines.
The collaboration between the popular Momotetsu and the globally popular Momoiro Clover Z is sure to be a lot of fun, but... at the time of the announcement, it remained a mystery as to what the content would be.
After a while of no further news, the details of the Momotetsu x Momotetsu collaboration have finally been announced!

ももクロ × 桃鉄!?「ももいろクローバーZ」が「桃太郎電鉄~昭和平成令和も定番!~」とコラボ決定!

A gorgeous collaboration is in the works! Momo Kuro to appear at Momotetsu!

ももクロ × Momotetsu
Momo Kuro x Momotetsu

The Momotetsu x Momotetsu collaboration will begin after the winter update, which will be released this winter!
The visuals have been released, featuring Momotetsu members and a Momotetsu-spec SL, but what we are interested in is what the collaboration will be about, right?
" MomotetsuGP2021 Winter Momo Kuro x Santa Cup Momo Kuro is coming with Santa! will be held, and MomotetsuGP2021 Winter, an in-game event in which players compete in random matches against players from all over the country for the top ranking in four categories to become the best in Japan, will be decorated to Momo Kuro's specifications!
The Momo Kuro members, illustrated by character designer Mr. Takenami, will appear in the game, riding in SLs in the members' colors, making for a spectacular MomotetsuGP.


The collaboration doesn't end there!
What a surprise! The Momo Kuro x Momotetsu theme song will be produced! A short promotional video has been released, introducing information about the theme song!

The fact that Momo Kuro will be singing the song is a surprise in itself, but the lyrics were written by Momotetsu's own "I'm Going! Kenichi Maeyamada a.k.a. Hyadain, who has written many of Momo Kuro's best-known songs, including "Kaitou Shoujo "!(@HyadainMaeyamad )
If Momo Kuro and Mr. Maeyamada are working together, there's no doubt about it!
The title of the song is " BUTTOBI! Buttobi" is a very Momotetsu-like title!
I can't wait to hear what the song is about, but "Buttobi!" will be available in the game after the winter update. But we'll just have to wait a little longer to hear the song.
Buttobi!" will also be included in Momo Klo's latest album, scheduled for release in the spring of 2022, so don't forget to pre-order your copy of the album when pre-orders open!
Also, the ending song, " Gekitou no Owari ni! will also be sung by Momo Kuro members during the collaboration period!
We can't wait for the winter update, but we'll keep you posted on the release date.

Momo Kuro will play ahead of time! Live Broadcast!

MomotetsuGP2021 Winter Momo Kuro x Santa Cup: Momo Kuro is coming with Santa! The MomotetsuGP members will play the MomotetsuGP Winter 2021 Momo Kuro x Santa Cup live before the update!
We'll be happy to see Momo Kuro members enjoying playing Momotetsu, but we'll also reveal all the other details of the collaboration!
And to coincide with the streaming, there will be a Twitter campaign to win a signed copy of the software! There is no other choice but to watch it in real time!
The distribution is scheduled for November 27, 2021 (Sat) 18:00 - 20:00. The distribution platforms will be Momoiro Clover Z official YouTube channel,KONAMI official YouTube channel, and Momotetsu official Twitter (@MOMOTETSU_Reiwa ).
More information will be announced on Momotetsu's official Twitter (@MOMOTETSU_Reiwa ), so be sure to follow the account to stay up to date!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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