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Minecraft's large-scale apde "The Wild Update" will be released on June 8th! The new biome "Deep Dark" and the friendly mob "Array" to help you collect items are here!

Minecraftの大型アプデ「The Wild Update」が6月8日に配信開始!新バイオームの「ディープダーク」、アイテム収集を手伝う友好的なモブ「アレイ」などが登場!

The Wild Update ", a major update to Minecraft, which was announced at last year's virtual live event " Minecraft live 2021 ", will be released on June 8, 2022 (Wednesday )! The Wild Update" was released on Wednesday, June 8, 2022!

A major update that diversifies the natural environment!

New Swamp!


The new swamp biome has new " mangrove trees ", " frogs " and " tadpoles "!

Frogs can be kept as pets, and when fed small "magma cubes," they produce " frog lights," which are new light blocks!
Frogs become different species (colors) depending on the temperature of the biome in which they grow, and the frog light blocks are colored accordingly.

House built with "mud" and "mangrove

Swamps also produce " mud " blocks!
We hope you will try the new architecture along with the mangrove trees!

New biome "Deep Dark" deep underground

Deep Dark

In the last Ver. 1.18 update, the underground area was expanded and a new area was introduced.
The new biome " Deep Dark" will be created in this deep underground area.
The Deep Dark has an area called the " Ancient City," which is a very interesting area to explore, but you must be very careful when entering it.


The Ancient City is home to the Warden, an extremely powerful mob that appears only in the Ancient City.
The Wardens are blind, but they rely on sound, vibration and smell to find and attack intruders!
Even if the Warden is not nearby, the "Skulk Sensors " and " Skulk Shrinkers " scattered throughout the Deep Dark will detect the sounds and vibrations of intruders and summon the Warden, so please be careful when exploring the Deep Dark.
If you are discovered by the Warden, it may be better to run away quietly without fighting...

In the launch trailer released this time, you can see the Warden reacting to the sound of the eggs laid by the chickens you brought.
The eggs can be thrown far away, and there may be a clue to the strategy here...?

The "array" helps you collect items.


Alley", the mob voted " Minecraft Live 2021 ", is here!
When you hand an item to Alley, he will collect the same or similar item from the surrounding drops and drop it near the player or the note block.
And if you ring the musical note block, he will dance on the spot, which is quite adorable!

Come on! Let's go on an adventure in a boat with a chest!

Deep Dark

A new and exciting addition to the app is a boat with a chest!
This item, which can be used to store food, tools, and equipment to enjoy a great voyage, will replace the "Ender Chest" in the early stages of the game!
It will be fun to set a goal such as "not to return home until the chest is full" and explore!

Maincraft ver1.19 "The Wild Update" is packed with new elements, so be sure to give it a try!


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