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The video distribution platform "Mildom" starts distribution of Yoshimoto Geisha's game distribution "Yoshimoto Home Game Club"!


There are many live-streaming platforms, but one that is arguably the most popular is " Mildom " provided by DouYu Japan, a joint venture between Mitsui & Co. and DouYu Inc.

The sponsorship of Team Beast, a professional fighting game team led by Umehara, is still fresh in our minds.
Mildom" has teamed up with Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd. to launch "Yoshimoto's Home Game Club," a game distribution program featuring Yoshimoto's favorite comedians who love games!

ウメハラ選手らが所属するプロ格闘ゲームチーム「Team Beast」とMildomがスポンサー契約締結!

Games will be distributed every Monday through Friday night!

There are many Yoshimoto comedians who love to play games, and many of them have already been talking about it publicly on TV and radio.
Many of them have already been showing off their skills by broadcasting live games themselves, and now they will be doing it again with "Yoshimoto's Home Game Club," a new project in which they will each have their own channel and regularly distribute their games from Monday to Friday nights.
This is an initiative that takes advantage of Mildom's high image quality and low latency.
Here are some of the popular comedians who will be broadcasting on their own channels!

Itakura Channel

板倉 チャンネル
Itakura Channel

This channel is hosted by Toshiyuki It akura of the comedy duo " Impulse ".
Itakura-san, who is also known as a core user of PUBG, will be broadcasting a battle royale with comedians who love PUBG!
Takashi Yoshimura of the comedy duo Heisei Nobushi Kobushi is scheduled to appear as a guest on the first broadcast tonight, Monday, June 22, 2020, from 8:00 p.m., and many other guests from big names to young ones are scheduled to participate thereafter!
Itakura Channel URL : https://www.mildom.com/10783236
Scheduled to be broadcast every Monday at 20:00

Shinagawa Channel

品川 チャンネル
Shinagawa Channel

This channel is hosted by Yu Shinagawa of the comedy duo Shinagawa Shoji, who also works as a writer and film director.
He is very popular as a game player, and his live broadcast of the asymmetrical survival horror game "Dead by Daylight" has attracted more than 10,000 simultaneous connections.
Shinagawa Channel URL : https://www.mildom.com/10783656
Scheduled to be broadcast every Monday at 21:30

R Fujimoto Channel

R藤本 チャンネル
R Fujimoto Channel

This channel is hosted by R Fuj imoto, who is very popular for his impersonations of Dragon Ball's Vegeta, Uncle JAM, and others.
He will be playing a simulation game with Prime Minister Abe's impersonator, Biscetti Satake, and other interesting projects!
R Fujimoto Channel URL : https://www.mildom.com/10783666
Scheduled to be distributed every Tuesday at 20:00

Nodage Channel

野田ゲー チャンネル
Noda Game Channel

This channel is hosted by Crystal Noda of the comedy duo " Magical Lovely," who won the R-1 Grand Prix 2020 with their home-made game " Noda Game.
This channel is going to be a different kind of channel, as it will feature a "Noda Game" competition with a popular comedian and a project to follow the production process of the game!
Noda Game Channel URL : https://www.mildom.com/10783672
Scheduled to be broadcast every Tuesday at 21:30

Doubtful and Dark-hearted Great Comedy Battle ~Namero

疑心暗鬼大喜利バトル ~滑狼~
Doubtful and Uncertain Comedy Battle ~Namero

This is a channel that delivers " Nameru ", a game unique to comedians that combines " wargame " and " great comedy".
The person chosen to be the "Namewolf" keeps coming up with "boring answers" and then proceeds with his or her own comedy while desperately trying to make up for the fact that he or she has been chosen to be the "Namewolf.
Doubtful and Uncertain Comedy Battle ~Namero~ URL : https://www.mildom.com/10783680
Scheduled to be broadcast every Wednesday at 20:00

Jyoshi-kai Channel

女子会 チャンネル
Jyoshi-kai Channel

Yui P of the comedy duo " Okazu Club ", who are popular on variety shows, hosts this channel.
It is a channel where you can feel like you are participating in a girls' night out with your favorite comedians, eating snacks and chatting about love adventures, horror games, etc. with girls!
Girls' Night Out Channel URL : https://www.mildom.com/10783693
Scheduled to be distributed every Wednesday at 21:30

Diane Channel

ダイアン チャンネル
Diane Channel

This is a channel hosted by the two members of the talented comedy duo " Diane," who have won the grand prize at the 53rd Kamigata Manzai Grand Prix.
They invite young comedians who are currently popular and in high spirits to compete in trendy games and retro games!
Diane Channel URL : https://www.mildom.com/10783703
Scheduled to be broadcast every Thursday at 20:00

Girly Record Channel

ガーリィレコード チャンネル
Girly Record Channel

The channel is hosted by "Garry Record," a comedy duo well-known for their character comedy in which they dress up as anime and manga characters.
They plan to play not only video games, but also board games and other games that everyone can get excited about!
Garry Record Channel URL : https://www.mildom.com/10784199
Scheduled to be broadcast every Thursday at 21:30

Yoshimoto Fortnite Channel

吉本 フォートナイト チャンネル
Yoshimoto Fortnite Channel

This is a channel dedicated to "Fortnite" with many popular comedians and Fortnite user comedians playing Fortnite, a game that is very popular all over the world.
Will you be able to see them playing Vicroy during the stream? Stay tuned!
Yoshimoto Fortnite Channel URL : https://www.mildom.com/10784207
Scheduled to be broadcast every Friday at 20:00

Yoshimoto Mahjong Channel

吉本 麻雀 チャンネル
Yoshimoto Mahjong Channel

This is a channel where the comedy duo " Trendy Angel " Takashi and the idol group " NMB48 " play the popular Mahjong game that can be enjoyed and watched by men and women of all ages.
Comedians and idols play Mahjong, an advanced brain game, for real!
There are also corners where the general audience can participate, so if you're up to the challenge, give it a try!
Yoshimoto Mahjong Channel URL : https://www.mildom.com/10786572
Scheduled to be broadcast every Friday at 21:30

Galgae Mousou Kenkyujo Channel

ギャルゲー妄想研究所 チャンネル
Galgae Mousou Kenkyujo Channel

The director of this channel is the popular comedian Kendo Kobayashi, who is a master when it comes to delusions. He calls all games with beautiful characters "gal games" and studies the "personalities," "behaviors," "thoughts," etc. of these beautiful women. This channel is a research institute where you can "research" and fantasize about the "personalities," "behaviors," and "thoughts" of these beautiful women as you please.
The channel is a research laboratory where you can "research" the "personalities," "behaviors," and "thoughts" of these beautiful women as you like.
Galge Mousou Kenkyujo Channel URL : https://www.mildom.com/10784211
Irregular distribution

This Wonderful Game Channel

この素晴らしきゲーム チャンネル
This Wonderful Game Channel

This channel is hosted by Koji Higashino, who is also a game user.
We deliver a " Game & Talk Variety " where you can listen to various topics while playing games with popular comedians, gossipy comedians, rumored comedians, and other comedians with whom you want to talk about now!
Comedians who are well versed in games will play games as the "voice of heaven"!
This Wonderful Game Channel URL : https://www.mildom.com/10786442
Irregular distribution

The first broadcast is tonight at 20:00!

The first broadcast of "Yoshimoto's Home Game Club" will be tonight, Monday, June 22, 2020 at 20:00 on the "Itakura Channel"!
Impulse Itakura-san's PUBG skills are a highlight, but you can also look forward to his hilarious talk with Nobukob Yoshimura-san, so don't miss it!
The new content will not only feature games of various genres, but also the hilarious talk of Yoshimoto's comedians from Monday to Friday, which will make the game distribution even more exciting!
Mildom" can be viewed comfortably from a smartphone with an app, so iOS users can download it from the App Store, and Android users can download it from the Google Play Store!
For more information, please visit the official "Mildom" website!


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