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G-STAR Gaming announces the departure of Mika Nonomiya and will focus on gaming MC and actress work

「G-STAR Gaming」が野々宮ミカさんの脱退を発表、今後はゲーミングMCや女優業を中心に展開

Mika Non omiya (@nonomiyamika), assistant producer of the "nurturing" female esports team " G-STAR Gaming ", will leave G-STAR Gaming on July 31. G-STAR Gaming on July 31.

Background of withdrawal and future activities

野々宮ミカさん脱退の発表G-STAR Gaming

G-STAR Gaming's official Twitter announcement of Mika Nonomiya's departure from the team states the reason for her departure as follows

This is a sudden announcement, but as July marks the 8th anniversary of her performing career, Mika Nonomiya will be leaving G-STAR Gaming to focus on her gaming MC and acting career.

Mika Nonomiya will continue to distribute games as an individual, so we would like to ask for your continued support for Mika Nonomiya as a gamer actress and gaming MC.

G-STAR Gaming

I will continue to work on games more than ever before.

Mika Nonomiya shedding tears on stage at RJL2022.
funglr Games

Although it was announced that she was "leaving" G-STAR Gaming, she is still affiliated with the office that manages the team, so in effect, she has "graduated" from G-STAR Gaming. However, since he is still a member of the office that manages the team, it seems that he has in fact "graduated" from G-STAR Gaming.
She also served as a reporter at " RJL2022 " held offline for the first time in two years, and her recent activities have been so spectacular that it is no exaggeration to say that when it comes to gaming Mika Nonomiya is a gaming MC.

In addition to gaming, Mika's activities have expanded to include appearing in a TV commercial for Tadokoro Shoten, a well-known miso ramen noodle shop.
However, since many gamers are ramen lovers, it could be said that he is actually working in the game industry.

In his own tweet, he said, "I'm waiting for more game work than ever !!!!" and we look forward to seeing more of Mika Nonomiya's work in the future.


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