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Technology nerds will save the world! miHoYo, the company behind "Haragami" and "Collapse 3rd," is looking for marketing and other staff!


miHoYo, the Japanese branch of miHoYo, which has released high quality games such as " Genshin Impact ", "Collapse 3rd", and "Collapse Academy", is currently looking for marketing and localization staff. The Japanese branch of miHoYo, which releases high quality games such as "KAZEKI GAKUEN" and "KAZEKI GAKUEN", is currently recruiting marketing and localization staff!
We are looking for "technology nerds" for further development in Japan!


Technology nerds will save the world!


miHoYo is a Chinese game development company that has been releasing high-quality game titles under the slogan "Tech Otakus Save the World", focusing on completely in-house development and original IP creation.
As of December 2020, the company has approximately 2,000 development members at its headquarters in Shanghai, China, to create mobile games that incorporate Japanese otaku culture.


In Japan, the company has released "Kakudai Gakuen," " Kakudai 3rd," " Genshin Impact," and " Undecided Case Files, " and will continue to release games such as " Kakudai: Star Rail " and " miHoYo has released "Gakudan: StarRail", "Genshin Impact", and "Undecided Case Files", and is planning to release " Xenres Zone Zero " in the near future.
In particular, "Genshin Impact," which had a strong "impact" with mobile sales exceeding 110 billion yen just six months after its launch, is attracting attention for its further development as it approaches its second anniversary.

Job openings are now available!

Calling all members!

(Japan Branch), which is in charge of miHoYo's development in Japan, is looking for...

  • Goods Planning Manager (Full-time)
  • Chinese Localizer (Full-time)
  • Offline Marketing Manager (Full-time)
  • User Support
  • General Affairs
  • Marketing/Promotion Representative (Full-Time)
  • Product Planning Department Assistant (Temporary)

We have job openings in seven job categories!
For example, the job description and qualifications for the "Marketing/Promotion Representative" position are as follows

Job Title: Marketing/Promotion Representative
Job Description Planning, ordering, and progress management of various advertising promotions (traffic ads, OOH, web, TVCM, etc.)
Coordination and negotiation with agencies and media
Creative production direction
Planning and direction of events, distribution, tie-ups, collaborations, etc.
Management of official SNS accounts and planning of campaigns
Required Skills Basic operation of Word, Excel and PowerPoint
Planning, ordering, and progress management of each advertisement
Coordination and negotiation with agencies and media
Directing creative production
Planning, operation and direction of various events
Welcomed skills Interested in Otaku culture
Good at analyzing numbers
Good at analyzing numbers.
Basic operation of Keynote (MacOS presentation application)
Have experience in the advertising industry, marketing, or PR.
Experience in planning and managing offline events and goods
The kind of person we are looking for Familiarity with otaku culture (manga, anime, novels, games, etc.)
Sensitive to numbers
Able to report, communicate, and consult with others.

(Japan office), which currently has less than 30 members and is aiming for further expansion in the Japanese market, is looking for people who can work together with them to keep up with the speed of its growth.
If you are working in the gaming or marketing industry but want to challenge yourself in a new field, or if you love miHoYo titles and want to get involved, apply now! If you have a passion for miHoYo titles and want to get involved, why not consider applying for a position?
For more information on the positions available and their requirements, please visit the Silicon Studio Agent's special page on miHoYo (Japan Branch )!

Company Information
Company Name miHoYo Corporation (Japan Branch)
Established 2015
Capital 8 million yen
Type of Business Game (Consumer), Game (Application)
Line of Business Planning, development, and operation of games
Head office 20-1 Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0031
20-1 Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Shibuya Infos Tower 19F
Company URL http://corp.mihoyo.co.jp/


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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