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Just before release! "Monster Hunter World: Iceborn" PV 5th release!


Less than a week to go until the release of "Monster Hunter World: Iceborn"!
This weekend, the final beta test is underway and many hunters will be out hunting!
In the meantime, the fifth PV has been released, revealing new information!

New Monsters and Additional Monsters Revealed!

This PV reveals the new large monsters that will appear in "Monster Hunter World: Iceborn".

Jin'oga, the Thunder Wolf Dragon

雷狼竜 ジンオウガ
Jin'oga, the Thunder Wolf Dragon

The "Jin'oga" is one of the most popular monsters in the series.
It is a large monster that attacks quickly and powerfully with the lightning attribute.

雷狼竜 ジンオウガ
Jin'oga the Thunder Wolf Dragon

Neromyeru, the oceanic dragon

溟龍 ネロミェール
Neromyr, the ocean dragon

An ancient dragon with the power to cloak itself in water and do as it pleases.
Its ecology is said to be a mystery, but you will find out the full story in the main game.

溟龍 ネロミェール
Neromyeru, the ocean dragon

Black Wolf Bird Yyan Garuga

黒狼鳥 イャンガルルガ
Black Wolf Bird Iyengarruga

An ornithosaur with a hard black shell and long mane.
It is a nasty, belligerent, quick-tempered creature with a characteristic beak and a wide variety of attacks.

With the addition of powerful large monsters, this is sure to be a challenging adventure!

Master Rank" difficulty level beyond the upper ranks

In "Monster Hunter World: Iceborn," there will be a "Master Rank" that surpasses the higher level quests.
Not only will the monsters be more powerful, but they will also have new behaviors, and your old strategies may no longer work!

Master Rank
Master Rank

In addition, new subspecies will appear.

Master Rank

You will inevitably have a tough time with monsters that not only look different, but also have different attributes!

Receive a gift before you go on your adventure!

To coincide with the release of "Monster Hunter World: Iceborn," the "Guardian" series of armor and initial weapon enhancement material sets will be distributed free of charge to all players!
Whether you are just starting out or have already played "Monster Hunter: World", everyone will be able to receive them!
And you don't even have to have purchased "Monster Hunter World: Iceborn" to receive it!

Armor "Guardian" series

The "Guardian" series of armor is a higher level of armor with skills that make it difficult to run out of power.
This will definitely be a big help in your strategy, as you will be less likely to fall to 3 in the blink of an eye when attacked by a powerful large monster!

For more information on how to receive the "Guardian" series armor and the Initial Weapon Enhancement Material Set, please visit the official website of "Monster Hunter World: Iceborn"!

The launch is just a few days away! Are you ready for adventure?

Monster Hunter World: Iceborn", the huge expansion content for "Monster Hunter World", will be released on September 6, 2019 (Friday)!
My PS account friends are playing "Monster Hunter: World" to get ready for the launch and get revenge on how to get around!
Let's brush up our skills before the launch, along with the final beta test that is currently being held!

For more information, please visit the official "Monster Hunter World: Iceborn" website!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

Just before release! "Monster Hunter World: Iceborn" final beta test held!
Just before release! "Monster Hunter World: Iceborn" final beta test held!...

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