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Reservations for special editions with luxurious benefits of "METALLIC CHILD" have started! Because it is limited to 1000 sets, hurry up!

「METALLIC CHILD」の豪華特典付き特装版の予約が開始!1000セット限定なので急げ!

METALLIC CHILD ", a rogue light-core action game coming to Nintendo Switch and Steam on Thursday, September 16, 2021!
Not only has the release date been set, but a non-credit animation PV produced by the studio TRIGGER has also been released, and the momentum for the game's release is accelerating!
The Nintendo Switch packaged version of the game is available at various retailers, each of which offers a variety of special perks, so many of you may be trying to decide where to pre-order, but now you have even more options to worry about.
What's more, we' ve decided to release a special decorated edition with all the bells and whistles!


Limited to 1000 sets! Reservations are now open!

METALLIC CHILD eCREST Limited Special Edition (tentative name)

The new edition to be released is the " METALLIC CHILD eCREST Limited Special Edition (tentative name )".
In addition to the Nintendo Switch packaged version of METALLIC CHILD...

  • A 32-page setting material book
  • Sticker
  • Set of 3 pins (display mount included)
  • Soundtrack CD (all songs)
  • Special edition box with a limited design (to be engraved with a serial number)

This is a special item that comes with a set of gorgeous extras such as the following
This special edition will allow you to enjoy not only the main game, but also all of METALLIC CHILD's cool music and cute pop design, so even if you've already pre-ordered, you may want to consider pre-ordering more!
The "METALLIC CHILD eCREST Limited Special Edition (tentative name)" will be priced at 10,000 yen (tax included). As the name suggests, it will be available exclusively on the e-commerce site "e CREST", and reservations are now open!
And it is limited to 1,000 sets! The offer will end as soon as they are gone, so if you are considering it, please hurry up!
For details and reservations, please check the e-commerce site " eCREST "!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

The release date of rogue light core action game "METALLIC CHILD" on Nintendo Switch steam has finally been decided!
The release date of rogue light core action game "METALLIC CHILD" on Nintendo Sw...

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