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Both Rona and Sakuna are Naomi Aku! "METALLIC CHILD" × "Amaho's SakunaHime" collaboration decision!

ロナもサクナも大空直美さん!「METALLIC CHILD」×「天穂のサクナヒメ」コラボ決定!

METALLIC CHILD ", a rogue light-core action game coming to Nintendo Switch and Steam on Thursday, September 16, 2021!
The release date is only about two weeks away, but have you pre-ordered your copy yet?
There are also " METALLIC CHILD Special Edition SCARLET EDITION " which is a limited edition of 1,000 sets, so you may have a hard time deciding where to buy it.
The "METALLIC CHILD Special Edition SCARLET EDITION" is available only on the e-commerce site " eCREST ", and it looks like there is still time to pre-order just in time!
It's too late to regret after it's gone, so pre-order now!
Now, we can't wait for the release of "METALLIC CHILD", but before the game goes on sale, a collaboration DLC will be distributed!
What kind of work will be collaborated with... the God of Fertility!

「METALLIC CHILD」の豪華特典付き特装版の予約が開始!1000セット限定なので急げ!

"METALLIC CHILD" and "Amaho no Sakuna Hime" collaboration!

"METALLIC CHILD"×"天穂のサクナヒメ"
"METALLIC CHILD" x "Tenho no Sakunahime

The collaboration with "METALLIC CHILD" as additional DLC is the Japanese-style rice farming action RPG " SAKUNAHIME of AMAHO" by EADELWISE!
The ancient Japan-inspired world of "Tenho no Sakuna Hime" and the near-future science fiction world of "METALLIC CHILD" may seem completely different, but they have a great deal in common!
The main character "SAKUNAHIME" in "AMAHO NO SAKUNAHIME" and the main character "Rona" in "METALLIC CHILD" are both performed by voice actress Naomi Ozora!
Details of the DLC will be announced at a later date, but since both characters are performed by the same Naomi Ohzora, I have a feeling that the Sakunahime costume won't be the only one...we'll have to wait for further news!
Let's look forward to the collaboration between "science fiction and Japanese style," "machine and rice," and "space and earth," a unique combination!
The Nintendo Switch version is now available for pre-order and can be purchased until 23:59 on Friday, October 15, 2021 for 3,184 yen (tax included), a 20% discount from the regular price of 3,980 yen ( tax included )!
Downloaders can pre-order now from the My Nintendo Store or the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch!
For more information about "METALLIC CHILD", please check the official website!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

Studio TRIGGER production! Animation PV of "METALLIC CHILD" released!
Studio TRIGGER production! Animation PV of "METALLIC CHILD" released!...

Roeg light core action game as which a sale date of Nintendo Switch plate and Steam plate decided on Thursday, September 16, 2021 the other day "METALLIC C

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