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The release date of "METALLIC CHILE" × "Amaho no Sakuna Hime" collaboration DLC is decided! What a custom part of kokorowahime also appeared!

「METALLIC CHILD」×「天穂のサクナヒメ」コラボDLCの発売日が決定!なんとココロワヒメのカスタムパーツも登場!

METALLIC CHILD " is a roguelite core action game that is a huge hit and will be released on Nintendo Switch and Steam on Thursday, September 16, 2021.
The game is a hacked game with an easy-to-play, down-to-earth action that is exhilarating, and above all, the main character "Rona" is adorable!
The game's high quality and reasonable price make it a title that I highly recommend.
Among the major updates and DLC that have already been announced for "METALLIC CHILD," the most notable is the collaboration with "Tenho no Sakunahime" (The Princess of Sakunahime ).
The collaboration was announced before the release of the game, and the official Twitter (@Metallic_Child) started showing images from the end of 2021, so we thought it was about time... but now the details of the collaboration have finally been announced!

ロナもサクナも大空直美さん!「METALLIC CHILD」×「天穂のサクナヒメ」コラボ決定!

Additional DLC #1 "Rice and Core" Details Announced!

Visual of "Rice and Core" collaboration

METALLIC CHILD's "Tenho no Sakunahime" collaboration DLC "Rice and Core" will be released on March 31, 2022 (Thursday)! The price will be 980 yen (tax included).
In the newly released collaboration visual, Sakunahime is holding a core and Rona is holding an onigiri (rice ball).

Sakuna Hime Custom

The collaboration DLC "Rice and Core" features a sci-fi customization of Sakunahime 's visual! The fertility goddess of the island of Hinoe is now running amok in the cosmos!
In addition to Sakunahime's cute appearance and gestures, the exclusive "battle hoe" weapon allows the use of skills from the original story.
A separate skill gauge is displayed in addition to the battery gauge, and three levels of exclusive skills can be activated depending on the stage of charge!
Make full use of the martial arts skills that helped you so much in the original story!


In addition to the appearance and weapons, collaboration elements will appear at various locations when the collaboration custom is installed.
The "mini-core" obtained from defeated enemies, the HP recovery item "HP can" changes its appearance to " onigiri" (rice ball), and the SF-inspired "Shika Oni Taisho Genshage " appears as a floor boss!
The "Deer Demon General Genkage" has a new element that will appear when it is defeated... but you will have to actually defeat it to find out what it is!

Custom parts for "Kokorowahime" will be on sale!

Collaboration custom parts "Kokorowahime" will be released!

Along with the announcement of the collaboration DLC "Rice and Core", additional collaboration custom parts "Kokorowahime" will also be released!
The character is very popular in the original story , and has even become the main character in the novel " Tenho no Sakuna Hime: Kokorowa Rice Cultivation Diary ".
Not only does she have a dignified appearance and gestures, but she also comes with an exclusive weapon!
Unlike Sakuna Hime, Kokorowa Hime is not the type to fight aggressively on her own, and it is very rare to see her in battle! The crafted weapon based on the Kokoroiwa Hime motif, which can only be seen in this collaboration, is a must-see!
The additional collaboration custom parts "Kokoroiwa Hime" will be available on March 31, 2022 (Thursday ), the same day as "Rice and Core", but we will wait for further information on the price and other details!
A free major update is also scheduled to be implemented at the same time as the release of the DLC.
For more details, please check the special site of the collaboration DLC "Rice and Core"!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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