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"METALLIC CHILD" × "Tenho's SakunaHime" Collaboration DLC "Rice and Core" PV release! The contents of the large update are also released!

「METALLIC CHILD」×「天穂のサクナヒメ」コラボDLC「米とコア」のPV公開!大型アップデートの内容も公開!

METALLIC CHILD ", a rogue light-core action game now available on Nintendo Switch and Steam
The " Rice and Core " DLC, a collaboration with "Sakuna Hime of Heaven's Ear," was recently announced to be released on March 31, 2022 (Thursday), and many people may have started playing the game because of this announcement.
Fans of Sakunahime will be delighted to know that not only custom parts for Sakunahime, but also custom parts for the popular character "Kokorowahime" will be available!
As March 2022 is just around the corner and "Rice and Core" will be released in two weeks, a collaboration PV was released to commemorate the release of the game!

「METALLIC CHILD」×「天穂のサクナヒメ」コラボDLCの発売日が決定!なんとココロワヒメのカスタムパーツも登場!

The PV is a fun one-person double act(?) The music video features a fun dialogue between the two actors!

The " METALLIC CHILD x Tenho no Sakunahime Collaboration Content 'Rice and Core' PV " is a PV that shows all the details of the "Sakunahime" custom at a glance.
Both "Rona" and "Sakunahime" are played by voice actress Naomi Ozora(@osorasan703), so it's practically a dual role... Rona and Sakunahime are talking to each other. I'm amazed at the voice actors! The voice actors are amazing!
The "Rice and Core" will be available soon, so let's watch the PV and get excited!
Once again, the "METALLIC CHILD" x "Tenho no Sakuna Hime" collaboration DLC "Rice and Core" will be released on March 31, 2022 (Thursday)! The price will be 980 yen (tax included).
For details on the collaboration DLC, please check the "Rice and Core" special page on the official "METALLIC CHILD" website!

Major Update Details Revealed!

It was announced that a major update would be released at the same time as the "Rice and Core" distribution, and the contents of that update have also been revealed.
First of all, a new battle mode, "Advanced," has been added!
In the normal mode, new enemies will appear when all enemies are defeated, but in the "Advanced" mode, new enemies will constantly replenish as they are defeated.
In the "Advanced" mode, new enemies are constantly replenished whenever an enemy is defeated.

New battle mode "Advanced

When all stages in "Advanced" are cleared, a new custom part called " OVERTURN " can be created.
Equipped with the "OVERTURN," the " Gatling Fist " weapon will start the stage. You will be able to enjoy the exhilarating experience of overwhelming your enemies with your powerful long-range attack skills, so keep on trying!

OVERTURN" custom parts

Next, Terminal Creed adds a new element, the " Limit Lab"!
In the "Limit Laboratory," you earn a score for each day you defeat an enemy, and your score is recorded until "Rona's" HP reaches 0. HP will be zero even in invincible mode.
There is no end to the number of enemies that appear, so this is a new element that can be used to test your own skills and study how to get the most out of the game. Keep aiming for the highest score!

Limit Laboratory

If you achieve a score of 2000 or higher in the "Limit Laboratory," you will be able to create a new custom " SMASHING THE B ATTLE.
With "SMASHING THE BATTLE", you will be able to start a stage with an emergency repair chip and restart only once when your HP reaches zero.


Other updates will be posted on the Steam community as they become available, so be sure to check back!
For more information about "METALLIC CHILD", please visit the official website!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

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