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That metasura is a strategy game!? "METAL SLUG TACTICS" announced!

あのメタスラがストラテジーゲームに!?「METAL SLUG TACTICS」発表!

Nowadays, we have KOF and Samuspi. Looking back, SNK is generally associated with fighting games such as Fatal Wolf Legend, Dragon and Tiger Fist, Gekka no Kenji, and Fuun Revelation.
However, the MVS that operated in game arcades was loaded with a variety of SNK titles, and many of you must have enjoyed games other than fighting games.
Among them, the classic side-scrolling action game "Metal Slug" series was played by everyone at least once, and many of us have even imitated the voice of a player saying " Heavy Machine Gahn! and imitating the voice of the player.
In addition to action games, "METAL SLUG ATTACK", which is currently available on iOS and Android, has evolved into a tower defense game, but now a new genre of Metasla is coming!
A new genre of METASLA is now available!

A strategy game with familiar graphics

METAL SLUG T ACTICS" is a strategy game based on SNK's classic side-scrolling action game "Metal Slug".
The game is a collaboration between Dotemu, a French video game company specializing in ports of classic retro games, and Leikir Studio, a game development studio based in France. quot; Tarma, Eri, and Fio, the characters of the series, will be taking on a whole new battlefield, but in the same graphic style as in the series.
The trailer shows a great respect for the original, faithfully recreating the graphics and atmosphere of Methuselah!


"METAL SLUG TACTICS" will be available on Steam!
The release date and price will be announced soon, so stay tuned!
For more information, please check the official website of "METAL SLUG TACTICS"!


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