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The fifth title of "Mega Drive Mini 2" has been announced! All 60 titles such as "Silky Lip", "Exlanzer", "Captain Tsubasa" are released!


SEGA Corporation will release " Mega Drive Mini 2 " on October 27, 2022 (Thursday ).
The "Mega Drive Mini 2" is a new hardware that has been completely redesigned and greatly enhanced from the " Mega Drive Mini, " the definitive mini-hardware that attracted much attention as the first game console in 2022.
The "Mega Drive Mini 2" has been attracting a lot of attention with the announcement of many titles in the four distribution programs so far, and the fifth and final title was finally announced in the live broadcast "Mega Drive Mini 2" on Friday, August 19, 2022 at the " Mega Drive Mini 2" pledge site! The fifth and final title to be included in the game was announced!


The fifth title to be included in the "Mega Drive Mini 2" has been announced!

The 5th title of " Mega Drive Mini 2" has been announced!
A total of 16 new titles have been announced, including " Silky Lip ", " XLANZER ", and " Captain Tsubasa "!
With this announcement, all 60 titles that will be included in the "Mega Drive Mini 2" have been confirmed.

The fifth title to be included in the "Mega Drive Mini 2" is

Star Cruiser

スタークルーザーPR TIMES

An epic sci-fi adventure that combines a shooting game with a journey through a world where everything is rendered in 3D, Star Cruiser is a space opera that follows the adventures of the members of the "Hunter's Guild" as they travel across the universe to fight the military nation of VOID in the 27th century.


Outline of the game
Release Date December 21, 1990
Manufacturer Messiah

Night Trap

ナイトトラップPR TIMES

This is an interactive movie that uses a security system with hidden cameras and traps. Switching between cameras, the viewer monitors a home party venue where a group of young people have gathered to exterminate the monsters. When the inhabitants of the mansion reveal their true selves, the truth of the case is revealed!


Release Date November 19, 1993
Manufacturer Sega

Magical Girl Silky Lip

魔法の少女シルキーリップPR TIMES

This is a witchy adventure like the TV anime. The main character, Rip, comes from a magical land to the human world and solves various cases with her friends while attending an elementary school to train to become a queen. Will Rip be able to become the next queen?


Outline of the game
Release date June 19, 1992
Manufacturer Nippon Telenet



The Wolf Team's omni-directional shooter, Granada, takes the heavy mobile weapon "Granada" and takes the fight to the battlefields of Africa. Destroy all clear points displayed on the radar, and a huge boss will appear at the end. The key to victory is the fixed movement of the turret.


Release Date November 16, 1990
Manufacturer Wolf Team


エクスランザーPR TIMES

In this six-button sci-fi robot shooter, you take control of the "XLANZER," a humanoid fighting machine with seven weapons that can convert light into power, and two types of support machines that can be combined to fight a division of soldiers led by Ozzie Wise, who are after a young girl named Nina.


Outline of the game
Release date May 28, 1993
Manufacturer Sega

New Genesis Ragnascenti

新創世記ラグナセンティPR TIMES

This is an action RPG in which you can explore with animals as your companions. Monsters that were once chased by "light" have returned. A young boy named "Corona" sets off on an adventure with a sword in his hand. Uncover the secrets of the world with dogs, penguins, lions, and more as your friends.


Outline of the game
Release date June 17, 1994
Manufacturer Sega

Midnight Resistance

ミッドナイトレジスタンスPR TIMES

Dramatic stages and music enhance the combat in this action shooter that has influenced many games. Can the resistance fighter Enochi, who stands up to the mad scientist King Crimson, rescue his captive family?


Release Date March 29, 1991
Manufacturer Data East



Chernob, the hero of Data East's unique action-shooter, is on a quest to defeat the Destarian, an invader bent on conquering the Earth. 6 weapons with 3 power-ups and his signature jumps are all he needs to fight his way out.


Release Date October 16, 1992
Manufacturer Data East

Flame Fighting Ball Player: Dodge Dumpei

炎の闘球児 ドッジ弾平PR TIMES

This is a sports game based on the anime adaptation of the dodgeball manga serialized in the monthly comic "Korokoro Comic. The elementary school student Danpei joins the Dodgeball Club and challenges the world's best to a Super Dodgeball match, making full use of his special moves. 2-player matches with friends are also a lot of fun.


Release Date July 10, 1992
Manufacturer Sega

Captain Tsubasa

キャプテン翼PR TIMES

A command-based simulation of the popular soccer manga, this is the Mega-CD version of the popular series. The scenario mode faithfully recreates the original story with cast members from the first anime version, and you can also enjoy the famous game mode where you can replay the matches you want to see.


Release Date September 30, 1994
Manufacturer Tecmo

Bonus Title

Super Locomotive

ボーナスタイトルPR TIMES

In this unique action game, you control a locomotive that keeps running on the railroad tracks, avoiding enemy attacks and running toward the station. This is the first port of the 1982 arcade game.


Party Quiz MEGA Q 2022

パーティークイズMEGA Q 2022PR TIMES

The quiz game where you play as a contestant on a quiz show and try to win is back for the first time in 29 years! All questions have been completely redesigned and you can play with the latest quiz from the 2022 edition. All questions have been redesigned with the latest 2022 version of the quiz.


Party Quiz SEGA Q


A quiz show by Sega fans, for Sega fans! This is a super maniac version of MEGA Q. The genre, questions, and everything else is all about SEGA. How many questions can you answer?




This is a fantastic action game that was developed in 1992, but never saw the light of day. Taro and Hanako, transformed into paddle figures by the power of a goddess, must rescue the angel "Pee" while avoiding the demon "Debi". 2-player cooperative and competitive play are both available.


Puyopuyo SUN for Two


Three titles in the popular action-puzzle series have been ported to the Mega Drive, with only the 2-player "Puyo Puyo SUN" game included. Use the new "Taiyo Puyo" element to make a big comeback. The unique cut-in effects during the chain are also recreated in this title.


Space Harrier II

スペースハリアーⅡPR TIMES

What if the Mega Drive had a sprite expansion/contraction function? This is a software that challenges the "if" of history. The 3D shooting game released with the Mega Drive has been revived with new technology to make it more like an arcade game.


Space Harrier

スペースハリアーPR TIMES

What if the Mega Drive had a sprite scaling function? The 3D shooter "Space Harrier," which was said to be impossible to faithfully port to the standard Mega Drive, has finally been ported with new power. This is a software that challenges the "if" of history.


This title is an "extra bonus" software that can be selected from the "Space Harrier II" menu.

A carrying case to store and carry the "Mega Drive Mini 2" is now available!


A carrying case to store and carry " Mega Drive Mini 2 " is also available!
The case itself is made of moist synthetic leather with the Mega Drive logo stamped on it, and the zipper is a burgundy color to represent the cartridge slots.
The inside of the case has an all-over pattern of the Mega Drive and Mega CD logos!
In addition to the main unit and cables, " Fighting Pad 6B " can be stored together, and the light and strong EVA material makes it easy to carry around!

Suggested retail price is 3,850 yen (tax included) The release date will be the "Mega Drive" of the main unit.
The release date is the same as that of " Mega Drive Mini 2 "! October 27, 2022 (Thursday) Mega Drive Mini 2"!
When you purchase the " Mega Drive Mini 2 ", please be sure to buy it together with the "Mega Drive Mini 2"!


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The second installment of Sega's "Mega Drive Mini" series scheduled to be released on October 27, 2022 (Thursday) "Mega Drive Mini 2" Curre

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