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Rockman X revives with a smartphone! Japan release decision of "Rockman X DiVE"! Pre-registration also starts!

ロックマンXがスマホで復活!「ロックマンX DiVE」の日本リリース決定!事前登録も開始!

Among CAPCOM's many popular series, the " Mega Man " series is one of the most popular action games.
The series is extremely popular and has been released not only "Mega Man" but also "Mega Man X," "Mega Man DASH," "Mega Man Exe," "Mega Man Zero," and many others. I'm sure most of you have played at least one of them.
In the early days, the public was invited to design the boss characters.
Among these "Mega Man" series, the " Mega ManX " series is especially popular for its more futuristic world, stylish design, and deep story.
The last numbered title was "Mega ManX8" released in 2005, but now it is back as a smartphone app!
Mega ManX DiVE", currently available in CAPCOM Taiwan, will be released in Japan!

CAPCOM台湾がスマートフォンアプリ「ROCKMAN X DiVE」を発表

Action RPG featuring popular characters from the series

Mega ManX DiVE" is an action RPG for smartphones that features characters from the "Mega ManX" series.

The "Deep Log" is a cyber world where various game data is stored.

Due to an unknown bug, the game data of "Mega ManX" stored in "Deep Log" has been messed up.

The player is led by the navigator "Rico," who suddenly appears, and must dive into the "Deep Log" world!

Players control familiar hunters such as "X" and "Zero," hunter programs that can be reproduced in the "Deep Log," to defeat irregular data and restore the game data!

"Mega ManX DiVE"公式サイト

So, since "Mega ManX" has been messed up, the characters from each series are all in the mix.
I'm excited to see an all-star spin-off title! And Iris is in it!

The game is not an " action " game, but an " action RPG," which means that there will be elements for training, such as weapon and armor enhancement and leveling up !

Weapons & Armor
"Mega ManX DiVE"公式サイト

You can also enhance special moves called " Dive Triggers " that can be used only once in a stage, so you can develop the strongest character according to your own play style!

Dive Trigger
"Mega ManX DiVE"公式サイト

The main game mode includes a basic story mode where you clear stages as the story progresses, as well as event quests and challenges.

Story Mode
"Mega ManX DiVE"公式サイト

As is typical for smartphones, event quests and challenge quests are also available, so you will never get bored even if you play every day.

"Mega ManX DiVE"公式サイト

The game has specifications that take advantage of the smartphone, such as a battle mode and cooperative play using the network functionality!

"Mega ManX DiVE"公式サイト

Pre-registration Campaign Starts!

The pre-registration campaign for the Mega ManX DiVE service has begun!

Pre-Registration Campaign
Mega ManX DiVE公式Twitter

Follow the official Mega ManX DiVE Twitter account (@RX_DiVE) or pre-register from Google Play for Android users, or pre-order from the App Store for iOS users to complete your pre-registration!
Depending on the number of registrations, everyone will receive useful in-game items when the service starts !
Let's register to reach 60,000 (Mega Man ) registrations!

Pre-Registration Campaign
Mega ManX DiVE公式Twitter

And more! 20 people who follow the official Mega ManX DiVE Twitter account (@RX_DiVE) during the pre-registration period will win Mega ManX DiVE original wireless headphones (X model) by drawing!
If you pre-register by following our official Twitter account, you'll also be eligible for the headphones drawing, so we're killing two birds with one stone!

Scheduled to be distributed in Fall 2020!

" Mega ManX DiVE " will be released for Android and iOS smartphones in the fall of 2020 !
The game will be free to play, with items being charged for.
Even though it is a spin-off, we can't help but be excited about this new installment in the fan-favorite "Mega ManX" series!
While we can't wait to play the game, let's pre-register and wait for the service to start!
For more details and pre-registration, please check the official "Mega ManX DiVE" website!
Don't forget to check out the video message from Kazuhiro Tsuchiya, the producer of the Mega Man series, who introduces what kind of game "Mega ManX DiVE" is!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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