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The long-awaited 4th class will debut from "Masu Kasu-do"! ! The schedule of the first waiter is also open to the public!

「ますかれーど」より待望の4期生がデビュー決定!! 初お給仕は2022年2月1日より順次実施予定!

We are pleased to announce the debut of three new fourth term students from the virtual maid café "Masuka-Rade" run by October, Inc.
Masukare-ade" is a female VTuber group whose concept is to provide "healing" and "eroticism." The new 4th term students who will debut are based on the theme of casino bunny girls, and they are " Usagi Kamochino The new fourth term consists of three members, "Kajino Usagi," " Brain Juice Tagiru," and " Ebisu Touka.
The new cast is illustrated and designed by illustrator Miwa Futaba (@futabamiwa).
The three cast members have been active on Twitter since January 25.
Furthermore, the first paycheck (debut delivery) is scheduled to take place sequentially from February 1, 2022, so come on everyone, let's go home!

Profiles of 4th term students and schedule for first serving (debut delivery)

"Usagi Kamochino (Usagi Casino)" scheduled to be distributed on Tuesday, February 1, 2022 from 10:00 p.m.

"加持乃うさぎちゃん (Usagi Casino)"

The nasty princess "Usagi-chan" has come to the world of simo in search of her future prince!

With her heavenly breasts worthy of the name "Royal," her beautiful blonde hair, and her bunny-girl outfit, she is truly a devil-may-care, maid-may-have-health-equipment, and master-may-care! It's the perfect combination that will grab everyone's hearts.

"ますかれーど"公式 News

"Tagiru Noujiru (Brain Juice Tagiru-chan)" will be distributed on Wednesday, February 2, 2022 from 21:00

"脳汁たぎるちゃん (Tagiru Noujiru)"

No NG? The out-of-this-world insanity of "Maskaredo" is on display! Tagiru" has joined our store!

First of all, please try Tagiru-chan once, thinking that you have been deceived. Once you get your hands on her, you will be hooked in no time. Her addictiveness ranks in the S category. You will become a Tagiru junkie in no time.

"ますかれーど"公式 News

"Touka Ebisu" will be distributed on Thursday, February 3, 2022 from 21:00

"恵比寿とうかちゃん (Touka Ebisu)"

She is the number one girl you want as your wife!
She is the maid who makes a man's heart beat faster! Toka, the goddess of happiness, has descended to this world.

If you stay with Toka-chan, not only your master's work and business, but also your condition will surely flourish! Please be purified by Touka-chan, who has the ability to forgive you anything.

"ますかれーど"公式 News


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