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"Mario Golf Super Rush" is a free update! New characters, new courses and large amounts of additions to Rankma!

「マリオゴルフ スーパーラッシュ」が無料アップデート!ランクマに新キャラクター、新コースと大量追加!

Mario Golf Super Rush " is the latest title in the "Mario Golf" series in which Mario and his friends play golf.
The game features a full-fledged golf game, as well as a mode with unique rules, such as "Speed Golf," in which you hit the ball and then dash to chase the ball and compete for speed until the ball reaches the cup. This is a title that can be enjoyed by both golf game fans and those playing golf games for the first time.
Mario Golf Super Rush" was just released in June 2021, and the first free update is already available! New modes, new characters, new courses, and tons of new features have been added!
Here's a look at what's been added in the free update!

Raise your rank and get rewards! Rank Match" is now available!

Rank Match

In addition to regular online matches, " Ranked M atch" has been newly added!
Rank Match" is a mode in which you are automatically matched with players whose ranks are close to your own, and you compete against them to earn points and raise your rank.
In the "Rank Match" mode, players select either button controls or swing controls, and choose their favorite character. After that, players select either "Standard Golf" or "Speed Golf" to start matching.
Priority is automatically given to players who are close in distance and rank, so it is likely that players with relatively close abilities and good connections will be able to play comfortably together.
Once all four players are matched, the match begins! Let's aim for the top!

ranked match (sports)

In the "Ranked Match," you can earn points according to the results of the matches, and your rank will increase as you accumulate points.
You can get a special character with a different color or costume when you reach a certain rank in each month, so keep playing and keep raising your rank!
Of course, as your rank goes up, so does the rank of your matching partner, so you can enjoy more intense play.


Points are reset every month, and when the month changes, you start from the beginning again, but your performance will remain as your monthly world ranking.
There are a total of four categories: Button Controls, Swing Controls, Standard Golf, and Speed Golf, so if you're good at the rules, you can aim for the top! Leave your name on the world rankings!
If you achieve an A- or higher in any one of the four categories by August 2021, you will be able to use Yoshi's new colors, "Red Yoshi", "Blue Yoshi", and "Yellow Yoshi ", so try your best to achieve an A- or higher! Let's go!

Yoshi's color change

New character "Kinopiko" is here!

Kinopico " is a new playable character!
He has the highest control among all the characters, but his power is low.
This character is recommended for those who want to make sure to hit one stroke at a time, or for those who are not familiar with swing control.
Let's take the cute little Kinopico out on the course!

Kino Pico

New course "New Donk City" added!


New Don k City" familiar from "Super Mario Odyssey" has been added as a new course!
All 18 holes are PAR3 short courses, which are much more compact than other courses.
However, it is not a simple course as it requires special techniques unique to "New Donk City" such as bouncing the ball off the walls of buildings.
Selecting "Easy" or "Difficult" for the difficulty level will change the tee and green locations for all 18 holes, doubling the fun!

Adjust the swing control to make it easier to play!

Mario Golf Super Rush" allows you to swing not only with the buttons, but also with the Joy-Cons.
It's really fun to be able to play the game as if it were a real golf game.
However, when you actually move your body, the accuracy is a little less than with the button controls due to the sensor.
However, with this update, the swing operation has been adjusted to make it easier to play!
Play the game to see how much it has changed!
And now you can check out the swing control tips in the "How to Play" section, so even if you have been playing mainly with the buttons, this is a good time to try swing control!

How to play

More updates coming in 2021!

The first free update for "Mario Golf Super Rush" will be available on August 6, 2021 (Friday), so don't forget to update before you play!
The first free update of "Mario Golf Super Rush" will be available from Friday, August 6, 2021, so don't forget to update before you start playing!
More free updates are planned for 2021, so keep playing Ranked Match and look forward to it!
For more details, please check Nintendo's website!


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