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"Sparrow Soul" collaborates with Internet café "DiCE"! "Sparrow Soul× Play Janjan at DiCE Internet Cafe! "Limited sweets and mugs with luncheon mats are also on sale!"

「雀魂」がインターネットカフェ「DiCE」とのコラボキャンペーン「雀魂×DiCE ネットカフェでジャンジャン遊ぶにゃ!」を開催!

DiCE, an Internet cafe located mainly in the Kanto area, and the popular Internet Mahjong game " Jantama " (hereafter referred to as "Jantama") will collaborate on a new game!
Original sweets inspired by the game and available only at DiCE will be on sale, as well as limited-edition collaboration goods!

Let's have fun at the "Jankan x DiCE" Net Cafe!

Collaboration Menu List

The collaboration campaign between "Jakkotama" and "DiCE", " Jakkotama x Di CE: Let's play at DiCE Net Cafe! will be held from June 3 (Friday) to July 31 (Sunday), 2022!
Mahjong-loving employees will come up with a variety of ideas for the event, such as "How about Anko in four choku? The menu is full of mahjong-inspired dishes that can only be found at DiCE, and was conceived based on the idea of an old man's gag, such as "How about anko (red bean paste) for four choku?

All you can eat at no extra charge! Collaboration soft serve ice cream!

Soonyanko! Anko (red bean paste) flavor
Ryu-Yi So! Yomogi flavor

Original soft serve ice cream with anko (red bean paste) and yomogi (mugwort) flavors, inspired by mahjong's yaku masu ( four pungs of mahjong) and miyori isshiki (one color of green)!
This soft serve ice cream is free and all-you-can-eat for those who visit DiCE!
DiCE serves more than 180,000 servings of soft serve ice cream per month, and has developed its own original soft serve ice cream without regard to profit.

The serving period may change depending on the store, so please contact the store for details!

Soft serve period

  • Soonyanko! Soft serve period: (1) June 10 (Fri.) - June 16 (Thu.) (2) July 8 (Fri.) - July 14 (Thu.)
  • REEEEEEEEEE! Soft ice cream available during: (1) Friday, June 3 - Thursday, June 9, (2) Friday, July 1 - Thursday, July 7, (3) Friday, June 3 - Thursday, June 9, (4) Friday, July 1 - Thursday, July 7, (5) Friday, July 1 - Thursday, July 7

With a luncheon mat! Collaboration sweets!

"Tsumonya! "Yakuman" Cheesecake

Cheese cake

Yakuman cheesecake comes with a luncheon mat and your choice of three kinds of sauce (strawberry, chocolate, or green tea) for 1,200 yen (tax included)!
The cheesecake role and luncheon mat design will be randomly selected from a total of 12 types!

ランチョンマット1PR TIMES
ランチョンマット2PR TIMES
ランチョンマット3PR TIMES
ランチョンマット4PR TIMES

Soo Hong Pai "Four Wind Tiles" Millefeuille


The "Soo Hong Pie" [Four Wind Tile] Millefeuille is also available with a randomly selected luncheon mat for 850 yen (tax included)!

Daisangen Omisoshiru & Onigiri Set

Omisoshiru & Onigiri set

The Daisangen Omisoshiru & Onigiri Set is 850 yen (tax included).
The onigiri is made with salmon!

Stylish mugs!

Souvenir cup

The "Souvenir Cup" is a mug with a chic and easy-to-use design featuring the character " Ichi Hime," a character from Jakumon, with a dotted stick, dice, and Kokushimusou tiles for 1,200 yen (tax included)!
You can even fill it with soft serve ice cream and take it home!

Comes with a serial code that can be used within Jakkotsu!

Purchasers of the Souvenir Cup will receive an " Original Postcard " and a serial code for "Savory Cookie " that can be used in the game "Jakkotama"! Please note that only one "savory cookie" serial code can be entered per account.

Show your "Jakumon" and get an "Original Badge"!

Can badge

Show your "Jankon " game screen when you enter the store and you will receive one of our original "can badges" (3 kinds in total )!
This offer is only available to customers who spend 500 yen or more at DiCE, and the quantity will be limited and will end when all the badges are gone!
Please check the official DiCE page for other stores and details.


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