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Mahjong Fighting Club Sp collaborates with popular cosplayer Enako! Campaign to win an autographed cheki!


Mahjong Fight Club Sp is a mobile version of the online mahjong game " MAH-JONG FIGHT CLUB " authorized by the Japan Professional Mahjong Federation (JPMF) and produced by Konami Amusement Co. The collaboration event between Mahjong Fight Club Sp and popular cosplayer Enako (@enako_cos) is now underway!

Mahjong Fight Club Sp and Enako are collaborating!

Mahjong Fighting Club Sp x Enako

The collaboration between Mahjong Fighting Club Sp and Enako will be held from Monday, February 20, 2023 to Wednesday, March 1, 2023 at 5: 00 pm. The collaboration event will feature Enako collaboration petit pro, collaboration items and stamps!

Enako Collaboration Petit Pro is here!

えなこ ステップアップ10連招来
Enako Collaboration Petit Pro

The " Enako Step Up 10 Consecutive Inv itations" will be held to win Enako Collaboration Petit Pro. This invitation will be stepped up each time it is drawn, and when the 7th step is reached, the SR Enako Collaboration Petite Pro will be confirmed! In other words, if you make 70 consecutive draws, you are guaranteed to win an Enako Collaboration Petite Pro! Enako fans, don't miss out on this opportunity! Also, you can get more Enako collaboration items with each successive step, so be sure to consult with your sparrow stones before you start to play the gacha!

Enako collaboration item table background

In addition to the Enako Step Up 10-round invitational, the "Enako Invitational" with a higher invitational rate for Enako (in her china outfit) will also be held. When you invite Enako (in her china outfit), you will get a stamp and a table background with different effects from the "Enako Step Up 10 Consecutive Invitations", so don't miss out on this one, too! For more information about Mahjong Fighting Club Sp, please visit the official website.

You can win a checkerboard autographed by Enako! Campaign is now underway!

Twitter Campaign

To celebrate the collaboration between Mahjong Fight Club Sp and Enako, we are holding a Twitter campaign where you can win a signed Enako cheki for 3 people in a drawing! To enter, follow the official Twitter (@mfcsp573) of Mahjong Fight Club Sp. To enter, follow the official Mahjong Fight Club Sp Twitter (@mfcsp573) and tweet with your favorite hashtag from the three categories of #FightGirlEnako, #ChinaEnako, and #M-LeagerEnako! Entries will be accepted from Monday, February 20, 2023 at 10:00 to Tuesday, February 28, 2023 at 23:59. The products will be shipped in late March 2023, so be sure not to unfollow the official Mahjong Fighting Club Sp Twitter account before then! For more details about the Twitter campaign, please check the official website.


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