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"Made in Abyss Binary Star Aiming for Darkness" Original Mode "DEEP IN ABYSS" new information released!

「メイドインアビス 闇を目指した連星」オリジナルモード「DEEP IN ABYSS」の新情報公開!

The second season of the TV anime "Made in Abyss: Golden Land of the Rising Sun " will begin airing on July 6, 2022 (Wednesday).
With the recent broadcast of the movie version "Made in Abyss: Dawn of the Deep Soul," which is connected to the first season, we are sure that you have prepared your hearts in many ways for the second season.
In addition to the long-awaited second season of the anime, new information has been released one after another regarding the action RPG "Made in Abyss: Yami wo Motometa Rensei", which has also become a hot topic due to its CERO Z (only for 18 years old and older) rating.
The release date has been set for September 1, 2022 (Thursday), a TV commercial has been released, and reservations for the full version of the game have begun at various retailers.
The "Pruschka" skittles, a special offer that makes it hard to believe that the planners have a human heart, have also become a topic of conversation.
Many of you have already made your reservations and are waiting for the release of the game, but now we have new information about the original "DEEP IN ABYSS" mode of "Made in Abyss: The Rengou Hoshi That Aimed for Darkness"!

Challenge the "Abyss" and grow as a prospector!

The game will feature two new modes: " HELLO ABYSS," in which you will relive the story of the TV anime and learn the basic system and how to play the game, and " DEEP IN ABYSS," an original mode in which you will take control of an original character, a rookie caveman, and take on the challenge of exploring the depths of the Abyss. The newly released information is about the "DEEP IN ABYSS" mode.
The story begins with the protagonist, a young "bell-ringer" who joins the Bercello Orphanage, where Rico and his friends lived, and works hard in classes and training with his three classmates: the energetic Raul, the quiet and reserved Tiare, and the innocent Dorothea.
A few months later, the four of them will be going on their first expedition as "Red Flute," and they will already be faced with the harsh reality of the Abyss... As you might expect, the game starts off with a bad feeling, and we can't help but have high expectations for it!


The game cycle is to collect relics and complete various quests to earn rewards such as money and experience while advancing through the main quests in which an original story unfolds. The game cycle is to collect relics and complete various quests to earn money and experience.
As you accumulate experience, your caveman level will increase, and you will be able to challenge the deeper levels of the Abyss.


The base of operations for the cavemen is the large cavern town of Oath, where the Berchelot Orphanage is also located.
There is also a " cave union headquarters" where various quests can be ordered, a " cave tool store " that sells items essential for adventures such as ice axes, ropes, and bandages, a " relic appraiser" where relics brought back from the Abyss can be appraised and purchased for money and experience, and a "spice shop" run by "Raffie," the wife of Black Flute Haborg. The "Raffy 's Shop, " a spice store run by "Raffy," the wife of Black Flute Haborg, is available for visitors to prepare for the expedition.
As an apprentice "Red Flute", you will mainly receive assignments from " Girio " at the "Bercello Orphanage", but as your flute grade increases, you will receive more assignments, allowing you to take on a variety of quests.


Now, the main quest will be the search for the Abyss.
The main quests , which are the original storyline , theunion quests that can be received at the cavemen's union headquarters, and the collection of relics are the main objectives within the Abyss, but you can't stay in the cave all the time.
The main character has three stats: "stamina," "satiety," and "stamina.
Stamina and Fullness decrease with each action, but Stamina recovers automatically, while Fullness requires eating to recover.
If your "Fullness Level" reaches zero, your "Stamina" will not be restored, so be sure to eat frequently to keep your "Fullness Level" at the same level.
If you run out of food and cannot recover your "satiety level," you may want to consider returning home as soon as possible.


There are many dangers in the Abyss, such as ferocious protozoa and unstable ter rain, so proceed with your exploration while paying attention to your remaining "stamina.
If you are defeated by a large protozoa, there may or may not be a game over for each creature....
It is best to return safely to the cave, but such a performance is one of the best parts of the game, so if you are curious, you may dare to let the creature defeat you.

メイドインアビス 闇を目指した連星
Made in Abyss: The Star that Aimed for


In addition to the three statuses of "strength," "satiety," and "stamina," it is important to manage various other factors such as the surrounding environment, the health of the main character , the amount of food remaining, the durability value of tools, and the weight of luggage.
If food runs out, the "satiety level" cannot be recovered, and if the luggage becomes overweight, not only will the movement speed decrease, but mining and attacks will also become impossible.
If you do not act appropriately, your life will be in danger.

メイドインアビス 闇を目指した連星Made in Abyss: The Lunar Star that Aimed for DarknessPlayStation


After completing your exploration, you will aim to return to the surface from the Abyss, but it is not a simple task, which is the terrifying aspect of the Abyss.
The deeper you go, the more the "Abyss Curse," a rising load that strongly affects your body and mind, will attack you when you return to the surface.
The symptoms of the "Abyss Curse" vary, with vomiting significantly decreasing satiety, and blood spurting from the body decreasing satiety and strength, making it more difficult to return safely.
It will be important to arrive home after considering the effects of the curse.
The return journey may be more difficult than the exploration, not only because of the curse of the Abyss, but also because of attacks from protozoa, and because terrain and gimmicks that were available on the way there may no longer be available on the way back, leaving you in a situation where you must search for other unknowns.
Let's overcome the difficulties, return home, and bring back the relics!


Check out the original story and anime!

Made in Abyss: The Golden Hills of the Rising Sun" will be released on September 1, 2022 (Thursday ), which means that the second season of the TV anime "Made in Abyss: The Golden Hills of the Rising Sun" is coming to an end.
The original manga by Akihito Tsukushi(@tukushiA) is now on sale up to volume 10 and serialized in Comic Gamma.
Of course you can enjoy the game by itself, but if you know the original story, you will be able to enjoy it even more deeply! Nanachi is so cute!

There is still a little time before the release of "Made in Abyss: Yami wo Motomete Rensei", so I think you have plenty of time to read the original story and watch the anime!
I'm sure you'll have plenty of time to read the original story and watch the anime!
As for "Made in Abyss: Yami wo Motomete Rensei", please check out the official website!


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94076「メイドインアビス 闇を目指した連星」オリジナルモード「DEEP IN ABYSS」の新情報公開!
A part of the game mode system of CERO Z's topical work "Made in Abyss: Rensei Aiming for Darkness" is released! There's also the curse of the Abyss!

Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

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