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Hayami Mokomichi plays Apex! "【Apex Legends】Hayami Moko Minachi is a new character!? On the day of the update! Don't miss the emergency live delivery"!

速水もこみちがApexをプレイ!「【Apex Legends】速水もこみちが新キャラ!?アップデート当日!緊急生配信」を見逃すな!

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Hayami who has improved his skill in a game, not a dish in Mr. Moco "and" the game which challenge a game a request matches from an audience is Mr. trail, too. The new field where such Hayami is Apex Legends, too, though Mr. trail uses new Legend and contents in "Apex Legends" to which season 7 was delivered, it courses through!

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32468速水もこみちがApexをプレイ!「【Apex Legends】速水もこみちが新キャラ!?アップデート当日!緊急生配信」を見逃すな!
Apex Legends
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47525速水もこみちがApexをプレイ!「【Apex Legends】速水もこみちが新キャラ!?アップデート当日!緊急生配信」を見逃すな!
Nintendo Switch version "Apex Legends" distribution decision! Of course, basic play is free!

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