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"LovePlus EVERY" service resumed, announcement of response to defects

「ラブプラス EVERY」サービス再開、不具合における対応を発表

Loveplus EVERY," a romance simulation game for iOS / Android that started service on October 31 and has been undergoing long-term maintenance since November 2.
The service will be resumed in mid-December, and the official announcement has been made regarding the "resumption of the service and the response to the problems" up to now.

【超絶悲報】コナミ「ラブプラス EVERY」の11月29日メンテナンス終了予定がさらなる延長が決定…

Toward the resumption of service

In order to address the issues that have been occurring, an update of the app version "1.1.0" will be distributed at the time of service resumption.
The update is required to play "Loveplus EVERY," so be sure to update when the service resumes.
The App Store and Google Play are currently unavailable, but the new version will be available for download as soon as it is ready, so you will be able to meet your girlfriends right after the service is reopened!
The following bugs will be addressed and fixed in the "1.1.0" version of the app

  • Models sometimes appear incomplete in VR scenarios.
  • A bug in which the scenario screen remains dark and only messages and UI buttons such as fast-forward are displayed.
  • Bug that screen tapping sometimes does not work when a communication error occurs when displaying notifications.
  • Bug that screen tapping sometimes does not work when repeatedly setting a photo as the profile picture.
  • Bug in which the scenario could not be displayed in VR mode on some devices even though the scenario could be selected to be played in "VR mode".
  • Other minor bugs that occur under certain conditions.

Corrections and Corrective Actions for the Bugs

The following problems that occurred prior to the maintenance and the responses to them were also announced.

When attempting a challenge, the "timetable" data could not be obtained correctly and the challenge could not be cleared.

→The problem was caused by a server glitch. The problem was caused by a server glitch. The problem has been fixed, but you will need to try the challenge again after the service resumes.

Even if the challenge is cleared, the experience value of the boyfriend is not added.
An "error code (3-5 digit number)" occurs and the game cannot proceed.
→This problem was caused by a server glitch, which has been fixed.

After completing a challenge, the user cannot proceed to the next challenge.
The "Challenges" and "Beginner Lesson Stamp Challenges" are not completed even if they are completed.
 →We will check the play status of each customer and correct the issue according to the customer's situation.

We will continue to check the details of other confirmed problems and correct customer data.
 The "encounter" scene with a girl is played back in a corrupted state, making it impossible to progress.
 During the tutorial scene, the player cannot receive "Gacha Tickets" or "Fashion Tickets" and cannot proceed from there.
 Even if you accept a confession from one of the three girls, there are cases where she does not become your girlfriend.
 When you purchase an item in the item store or in the gacha, you do not spend any lucre.
 The card is not acquired even if the gacha is executed.
 Items received from the gift box are not added to the item list.
 The login bonus, including the beginner's login bonus, occurs in succession.
 The "Beginner's Lesson" stamp is displayed each time the user goes to the home screen.
 Investigation and correction of other problems that occur under certain conditions.

It seems that the following minor fixes and improvements will be made.
Even so, the fact that " even if you accept a confession from one of the three girls, she may not become your girlfriend " is a glitch that seems to overturn the very foundation of Love Plus....

Response to the resumption of service

This long-term maintenance was an emergency and started without prior notice.
Therefore, the following measures will be taken for those boyfriends who are in trouble.

  • We will make adjustments so that those who celebrate their birthdays during the emergency maintenance will also receive a congratulatory event from their girlfriends.
  • The deadline for receiving items that were sent to the gift box before the emergency maintenance will be extended.

Kareshi who missed receiving items due to sudden maintenance will also be relieved. If your boyfriend's birthday falls during the maintenance, he or she will be able to celebrate with his or her girlfriend.
So on the day the maintenance resumes, there will be a large number of boyfriends celebrating their birthdays all over the country!

Apology for the prolonged maintenance

Due to the prolonged maintenance, the following items will be given as gifts upon resumption of service.

  • Silver Rich x2800
  • Fashion ticket ×5000
  • Reward ticket ×800
  • Action Energy 50 ×280

Eligible users will be those boyfriends who have already started the game before the start of the maintenance.

Can you make it until Christmas?

Before we know it, the long-term maintenance has passed the one-month mark. Now that we've come this far, all we can do is wait!
It will be a little while before we see our girlfriends again, so let's wait patiently while worrying about the health of the Konami staff who work so hard every day!
I hope they manage to make it in time for Christmas! Hang in there! Konami staff!

For more details, please check "Loveplus EVERY" service resumption, and the correspondence to the problem!


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