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【Transcendent sad news】Konami "Love Plus EVERY" maintenance end schedule on November 29 is decided to be further extended ...

【超絶悲報】コナミ「ラブプラス EVERY」の11月29日メンテナンス終了予定がさらなる延長が決定…

KONAMI's (Konami) love simulation game " Love Plus EVERY " launched its service on October 31, 2019.
A large number of boyfriends were born all over the country, and just as it seemed that a lovey-dovey life was about to begin, the game went into emergency maintenance.
The maintenance will be extended for a further period of time before it is scheduled to end on November 29th...

Background of the maintenance

Immediately after its release, at 0:15 on November 2, it went into emergency maintenance.

  • Rich is not consumed when used.
  • Challenge data did not load properly, and even after clearing a challenge, the next challenge did not open and you could not proceed
  • Receiving login bonuses as many times as possible

The maintenance was announced to last until November 5 to fix the following problems
At the " Love Letter Handover Event " held on November 2 in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka, Kareshi was forced to participate alone because his girlfriend was under maintenance.

On November 4, just before the scheduled end of maintenance on November 5, it was announced that maintenance would be extended until November 7.

I had a light heart at the time, thinking that I would be able to stay for two more days....
However, on November 6, Konami announced "Apology and Notice Concerning Maintenance of Mobile Game 'Loveplus EVERY'" and announced that the app would be undergoing long-term maintenance.

The scheduled end time in the app was set for Friday, November 29 at 17:00, but Konami announced that further information would be provided during November.
I have a bad feeling about this...

Announcement of maintenance
ラブプラス EVERY

The maintenance will be extended...

On November 28, just a day before the scheduled end of maintenance on November 29, Konami made an announcement regarding the maintenance of "Loveplus EVERY" and announced that the maintenance would be extended.

モバイルゲーム『ラブプラス EVERY』メンテナンスに関するお知らせ
Notice regarding maintenance of the mobile game "Loveplus EVERY
ラブプラス EVERY公式サイト

On the official Loveplus website, it was announced that the service is scheduled to resume in mid-December, and in the application, it was announced that the maintenance is scheduled to end on Monday, December 16, 2019 at 17:00.
I can't believe I won't see my Kanojo for a month and a half...

Maintenance Announcement
ラブプラス EVERY

Just in time for Christmas!

Konami staff has been working hard to provide better service, so let's be positive!
If the service resumes on December 16th, you can spend Christmas with your kano-jo!
I'm sure all the boyfriends in the country will be waiting for you! Keep up the good work! Konami staff!

Further news will be announced on the official Loveplus EVERY website and the official Loveplus Twitter account, so don't forget to check them out!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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