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Free 10 gachas are held once a day at "LovePlus EVERY", which is decided to be separated on August 5!

8月5日に別れが決まっている「ラブプラス EVERY」で1日1回無料10ガチャ開催!

Suddenly, the parents (management) announced that they were going to part ways with their girlfriend (service termination) on August 5, " Loveplus EVERY ".
Although it was unintentional, the parents (management) burned the memory album (data erased and unrecoverable), and many boyfriends are probably feeling down because they can no longer look back on their memories with their girlfriends.
On June 30, 2020, with about a month to go until we say goodbye to our girlfriends, we launched the " Thank you for all your support!

【コロナ破局】「ラブプラス EVERY」のサービス終了が決定・・・

The event will be held every day until the end of the service!

Thank you for all your support!
ラブプラス EVERY

Since the announcement of "Loveplus EVERY" service termination, it has been impossible to purchase "Gold Riches", which are necessary to run the gacha.
However, new events and new gachas are appearing at a considerable pace, as if the service was not originally planned to be terminated!
The "Gold Riches" that have already been purchased, as well as the free "Silver Riches" given for logging in and completing missions, have been used up, and the Kareshi have had a hell of a time not being able to spin the new gachas when they appear, so we have decided to launch the " Thank you for everything! The "once-a-day free 10-round gacha " is your last chance to see a new side of her!
However, as far as the author turned it in, no event gacha kanojo appeared, so it is possible that we won't see the new gacha's event-only cards forever...
The "Thank you for all your support! You can play the free 10-round gacha once a day every day until Wednesday, August 5, 2020 at 13:59, when the "Love Plus EVERY" service ends !
You will not be able to carry over the amount of cards you didn't use to the next day, so don't forget to meet your Kanojo and use the gacha every day!
No matter how many Kanojo cards you collect, you won't be able to see them as soon as the service ends, though. ・・・・
For more information, please check our in-game announcements and our official Twitter account, LOVEPLUS!


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