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LoL's Japan Server Limited Event "Hanami ON THE RIFT 2021" will be held!

LoLの日本サーバー限定イベント「花見 ON THE RIFT 2021」開催決定!

Riot Games, Inc., the Japanese subsidiary of Riot Games, Inc., announced today that it will hold "Hanami ON THE RIFT 2021," an original event exclusive to the Japan server in the multiplayer online battle arena "League of Legends " (LoL), which is played by over 100 million people worldwide. The event will be held exclusively on the Japan server.

Win original Hanarif goods!

Hanami ON THE RIFT 2021 " will be the 5th event.
In a dream world where monsters eat the sakura (cherry blossoms), all players, together with champions who travel with them, will defeat raid bosses and minions that appear during theeventperiod to protect the sakura (cherry blossoms).
The raid bosses that appear can be damaged and defeated by all players participating in Hanarif 2021 by playing the game together, and the minions can be damaged and defeated by individual players.
By defeating raid bosses and minions, players can earn gacha tickets, which can be used to draw gacha within the client to win prizes such as in-game items and original Hana Riff goods.

花見 ON THE RIFT 2021
Hanami ON THE RIFT 2021
"League of Legends"公式サイト

To participate, log in to the game client and click the " Participate " button on the "Hanami ON THE RIFT 2021" page.
The mobile version of TeamFight Tactics will hold a separate lottery event to win original Hanarif goods.
 The official TeamFight Tactics Twitter (@PlayTFTJP ) will report on the event at a later date.

Play the game and earn gacha tickets by damaging and defeating raid bosses and minions.
*The amount of damage you deal to monsters depends on the game mode you play.

花見 ON THE RIFT 2021
Hanami ON THE RIFT 2021
"League of Legends"公式サイト
花見 ON THE RIFT 2021
Hanami ON THE RIFT 2021
"League of Legends"公式サイト

Collected Gacha tickets can be used to win prizes.
*The lottery mode can be turned by consuming one ticket.

花見 ON THE RIFT 2021
Hanami ON THE RIFT 2021
"League of Legends"公式サイト

The results of the prize winners will be displayed immediately after the drawing, and the players who win the special prize to the third place flower riffle original goods will be contacted to the e-mail address registered in their Raiatto account after the event, so be sure to check your e-mail address beforehand.

花見 ON THE RIFT 2021 賞品一覧
Hanami ON THE RIFT 2021 Prize List
"League of Legends"公式サイト
  • Special prize: Hanariff original dream box (teacup, rice bowl, geta, lamp)
  • 2nd prize : Original Hanarif rice bowl
  • Third prize: Original HANA-RIFU goods
    Original goods *One of the following
    Original water bottle (one of Yasuo or Udia version)
    Original towel
    Original face mask (Akari)
    Original eye mask (one of four designs)
    Original mouse pad
    Original TFT Little Legend plush toy (Feather Knight)
  • No. 4: Little Legend Series 1-7 Rare Eggs
    (An egg that yields one random Little Legend from Series 1-7)
  • 5th place: Piece of Hextech Key, Hextech Chest
  • Disappointment prize: 10 Blue Essence

Hanarif Art Contest also held

Hanami ON THE RIFT 2021" will be held from April 8, 2021 (Thursday) 15:00 to April 23, 2021 (Friday) 23:59.
During the event period, the public will be able to vote for the flower riff art submitted to the Hanariff Art Contest through the game client.
The top winner will receive original HANA-RIFU goods, so be sure to enter and vote for your favorite.
For more information about "Hanami ON THE RIFT 2021" including the Hanami Art Contest, please visit the official "League of Legends" website.


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