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"League of Legends" and "Among Us" collaborate! Costume of "Arcane" character appeared!

「League of Legends」と「Among Us」がコラボ!「Arcane」キャラのコスチュームが登場!

League of Legends " (LoL) is the most popular e-sports title in the world, and although the number of players in Japan is still small, it is a very popular game worldwide, and the recent Worlds2021 tournament has attracted a lot of attention due to the great success of the Japanese team. The recent Worlds 2021 tournament attracted a lot of attention because of the great strides made by the Japanese team. The anime "Arcane," which spotlights episodes of LoL characters, was released on Netflix on Sunday, November 7, and has become a topic of conversation due to its high quality and storytelling.

To celebrate the release of "Arcane," a collaboration with "Among Us," a popular online multiplayer social deduction game, has been announced.


Arcane character costumes are now available on Among Us!

amongus arcaneコラボ特設サイト

In this collaboration, costumes of characters from "Arcane" are available! The costumes are based on Jinx,Vi,Jace,Heimerdinger, andCaitlin, and Heimerdinger's pet "Polofessor" will also appear as a pet that can be carried behind him in the game.

These items can be found in the "Cosmicube", a new feature of the game. The "Cosmicube" is like a battle pass in other games, and once purchased, players can use the items they accumulate from playing the game to advance through the cubes, unlocking new items as they open each cube.

The collaboration began on November 13, and items can be obtained by purchasing "Arcane Cosmicube" in-game currency. The in-game currency can be either paid or free, but the "Arcane Cosmicube" for this collaboration requires paid in-game currency, which costs about 800 Japanese yen. This is a great deal for fans who can get all the collaboration items for this price!

 Among Us公式サイト
 Among Us公式サイト

Look forward to more updates from "Among Us" in the future!

amongusアップデートAmong Us公式サイト

This is the first time "Among Us" has collaborated with another game, and "Cosmicube" is also a system that was introduced in a recent update.

The game has been updated with new maps, and new positions have been added recently, adding more complexity to the game. We can expect the game to become even more interesting with more updates, and we are very much looking forward to seeing what other titles will be collaborated with in the future! Among Us" is available not only on PC, but also on smartphones and Nintendo Switch, so if you haven't played it before, you should definitely give it a try!

Arcane", the original collaboration, is now available on Netflix!


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