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Logitech finally opens a store in Rakuten Market! SNS present campaign is also held!


Logitech International is the Japanese arm of the world's leading peripheral manufacturer, Logitech Corporation.
Logitech has a wide range of products from entry to high-end models, and they are used in various places for private use, work, and gaming.
Among these, the high-spec gaming brand " Logitech G " has established its position as a masterpiece of gaming devices, and many players from beginners to veterans use Logitech G devices.
Logitech products have been available for purchase in stores and on the company's e-commerce site, but now the official Logitech G store has finally opened on Rakuten Ichiba!

All the Logitech products you can choose!

ロジクール公式ストア 楽天市場店
Logitech Official Store Rakuten Ichiba Store

At the " Logitech Official Store Rakuten Ichiba Store ", you can choose from a wide range of products, from standard items to items that are not available at your local store!
If you are thinking that this is no different from the e-commerce sites that used to carry Logitech products, you are naive.
You can earn Rakuten points at Rakuten Ichiba !
Many people have accounts with Rakuten Ichiba, which offers a high point redemption rate, and with the official Logitech store, you'll have even more opportunities to buy Logitech products.

If you have Rakuten card, you can earn double points, so Logitech users in Rakuten's economic zone will be able to enjoy a great gaming life!

If you don't have Rakuten Card or you are still underage and can't get a credit card, you can get Rakuten Debit Card, so you can take this opportunity to get a card.

Debit card no screening required! Bank for gamers recommended for foreigners visiting Japan!

The official Logitech store sells not only Logitech andLogitech G products, but also Astro Gmaming, a well-known gamepad and headset, Jaybird, famous for wireless earphones for athletes ,ULTIMATE EARS, popular waterproof wireless speakers , and the popular microphone for live streaming. Blue Microphone, a popular high-performance microphone that can also be used for live streaming, is also available, so you can find almost all of your gaming devices at the "Logitech Official Store Rakuten Ichiba"!
Let's shop at "Logitech Official Store Rakuten Ichiba Store " and earn Rakuten Points!

SNS campaign to celebrate the store opening!

ロジクール公式ストア 楽天市場店 開店記念キャンペーン
Logitech Official Store Rakuten Ichiba Store Opening Campaign
Logitech G公式Twitter

To celebrate the opening of "Logitech Official Store Rakuten Ichiba Store", a SNS campaign was held to win gorgeous prizes!
Comment on,like, orshare thecampaign posts on the official Facebook page or official Twitter account of the following brands to win one of the store manager's favorite products!
The three eligible SNS accounts are Logitech official Facebook page,Jaybird official Facebook page, andLogitech G official Twitter.
To participate via Twitter, you must follow Logitech G official Twitter(@LogitechG) and post with the hashtags " #Logitech Store Opening Campaign " and " #Rakuten Ichiba ", or comment on the relevant tweet. or retweet the tweet.
One winner will receive a Logitech MX MASTER 3 Advanced Wireless Mouse ( Graphite), one winner will receive a pair of Jaybird VISTA Fully Wireless Sports Headphones ( Black), and one winner will receive a pair of Logitech G PRO XWIRELESS LIGHTSPEE Gaming Headset " will be given away to one lucky winner!
All of the products are expensive and high-spec items, so be sure to participate in the campaign!
The winner will be notified by DM, so be sure to set your DM settings to receive them and set your post to public or you will not be eligible for the prize!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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