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Pre-registration of the latest series "Lineage 2M" starts! We also hold a campaign to win the iPhone 12 Pro!

シリーズ最新作「リネージュ2M」の事前登録開始!iPhone 12 Proが当たるキャンペーンも開催!

Lineage" is a long-established MMORPG that has been in operation for more than 20 years since its launch in 1998.
Many related titles, including the sequels "Lineage 2" and "Lineage M," have also been developed and operated.
Pre-registration for the latest title in the Lineage series, " Lineage 2M," began on January 8, 2021 (Friday) in Japan and Taiwan!
A Twitter campaign is also underway to win an "iPhone 12 Pro" and in-game items depending on the number of pre-registered players!

A Real Life Begins. The latest in the "Lineage 2M" series

The next generation open world RPG "Lineage 2M" is a mobile remake of the PC online game "Lineage 2".
The latest 3D graphics technology has been used to create one of the largest seamless open worlds in mobile gaming history.

In the character introduction video, you can see four characters in beautiful graphics, including " Ailna," who wields the new "Orb" weapon, which did not exist in Lineage 2, and " Ghost Hunter," who is familiar to Lineage 2 players. The "Ghost Hunters" are well-known to Lineage 2 players.

Lineage 2M] Character Introduction "Ailna
Lineage 2M] Character Introduction "Ghost Hunter
Lineage 2M] Character Introduction "Regina
Lineage 2M] Character profile "Thor".

A world scale video is also available to experience the world scale of "Lineage 2M," which boasts 10.25 square kilometers.
The official website also has a map of the "Gludio Territory" where you can see the details of the field, including typical monsters, NPCs, and recommended levels for each area.

Lineage 2M] World Scale Introduction

Pre-registration for "Lineage 2M" is now open!

Pre-registration for "Lineage 2M" started on January 8, 2021!
Pre-registration can be completed in one of the following ways

Pre-registration campaign

A campaign is underway to upgrade the in-game items available at the start of the official service depending on the number of pre-registered players!
Starting with the in-game currency Adena, this gorgeous campaign offers a Chronicle Inheritor's Ring that increases maximum HP, defense, etc. when pre-registration reaches 1 million players.
The release date in Japan has not yet been announced, but make sure to pre-register so you don't miss the release timing!

Twitter Follow & RT Campaign

Twitter Follow & RT Campaign

From January 8, 2021 (Fri.) until the official service starts,10 people will be selected by drawing from those who follow the official "Lineage 2M" Twitter account and retweet the target tweet to win an " iPhone 12 Pro (128GB) "! The campaign is now underway!
Please read the terms and conditions carefully before participating in the campaign!

Twitter Share Campaign

Twitter Share Campaign

From January 8, 2021 (Fri.) until the official service starts, post a tweet with the URL of the "Lineage 2M" pre-registration site (https://lineage2m.ncsoft.jp/preorder/ ) and the hashtag " Share #Line2 ". Post a tweet or share the site by clicking the "Tweet" button at the bottom of the site page to complete your entry.
30 people will be selected by drawing to win a Google Play Gift Card or App Store & iTunes Gift Code worth 3,000 yen!
Please read the terms and conditions carefully before participating!

Lineage 2 Meet Again - Reunion is the Beginning of a New Adventure

リネージュ2Meet Again
Lineage 2 Meet Again
リネージュ2M(Lineage2M)公式サイト >

A special website "Lineage 2 Meet Again" has opened where you can register your character information and reunite with your old friends and comrades from the PC online game "Lineage 2"!
Lineage 2Meet Again is a reunion-like content that allows users to reunite with past friends on the site, send messages to each other, and check each other's character information in Lineage 2M.
Starting January 8, 2021 (Friday), 30 lucky users will be selected from those who have registered on the site and created a Lineage 2M character, and will receive BitCash for the NC service.
For more details, please check Lineage 2Meet Again and the official BitCash website.

Next Generation Open World RPG "Lineage 2M

With the latest 3D graphics technology and a game design that combines diversity and freedom for long-lasting growth, "Lineage 2M" brings together more than 10,000 players to experience large-scale battles.
The latest game that combines the history of Lineage with the latest technology is highly anticipated!
For the latest information, please check the official "Lineage 2M" website and Twitter.

Product Overview
Title Lineage 2M
Genre Next generation open world RPG
Price Free to download (some items are charged)
Supported Platforms Google Play/App Store/PURPLE (NC's own cross-play service for PC)
Developer/Operator NCSOFT


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