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The number of pre-registrations for "Lineage 2M" in Japan has exceeded 2 million! Four of the latest videos are also released!


NCSOFT has been developing and operating the MMORPG "Lineage" for more than 20 years since its launch in 1998, as well as many other related titles such as "Lineage 2" and "Lineage M", the sequel to "Lineage". Lineage series.
The latest title in the Lineage series, " Lineage 2M," has received over 2 million pre-registrations in Japan!

シリーズ最新作「リネージュ2M」の事前登録開始!iPhone 12 Proが当たるキャンペーンも開催!

The number of pre-registered users in Japan has exceeded 2 million!

Lineage 2M" Pre-Registration Campaign

The pre-registration campaign, which has been held in Japan and Taiwan since January 8, 2021 (Friday), has now reached 2 million pre-registrations in Japan! The achievement reward has reached the upper limit of...

  • 100,000 Adena
  • 500 soul shots (engraved)
  • Saiha's Breath (engraved) x 10
  • Scroll of Battle (Mark) x 5
  • Scroll of Weapon Enhancement (Mark) x 1pcs
  • Scroll to Strengthen Armor (Mark) x 1pcs
  • Chronicle Inheritor's Ring x1pcs / Scroll to Strengthen Weapon x1pcs / Scroll to Strengthen Armor x1pcs
  • Blessed Chalice (engraved) x30 / Soul Shot (engraved) x1,000
  • Blessed Chalice x50 / Scroll to Strengthen Weapon x2 / Scroll to Strengthen Armor x2

The following items will be given away as gifts!

Pre-registration is still being accepted, and 30 people will be selected by drawing from those who share the pre-registration site to win a " Google Play Gift Code " or " App Store & iTunes Gift Code " worth 3,000 yen. Twitter Campaign " is still going on!
In addition, the " Lineage 2M Reunion Support Campaign " in which 30 people will win 10,000 yen worth of BitCash will be held until the "Lineage 2M" service starts.
For details on the campaign related to pre-registration, please check the "Lineage 2M" pre-registration site.

Character Creation & Blood League Entry Campaign!

Prepare for the launch of the game by creating your character and bloodline in advance!

On the official website of "Lineage 2M," a campaign for creating a character in advance and entering a blood alliance is now underway!
If you create a character and form a Bloodline before the release of the game, you can earn " Bloodline Rank " and " Bloodline Asylum Free Access (30 days) " depending on the number of Bloodline members!

In addition, a mini-game that allows players to experience the "Lineage 2M" production and reinforcement system is now available!
Depending on the points you earn in the mini-game, you will receive items such as " Heroic Weapon Boxes " and " Weapon Enhancement Scrolls " that can be used after the service starts.
Each campaign will run until March 14, 2021 (Sunday).

The latest 4 videos of useful guides are also available!

Prepare for the launch with the latest helpful guide!

The official YouTube channel of Lineage 2M has released four new videos introducing recommended hunting spots on the Aden continent, the party system, and more!

Lineage 2 M" will be released on March 24, 2021 (Wednesday), and there are so many things you can do before that!
If you are planning to play the game, please participate in all the campaigns and make sure you are ready for the release date!
For more details and information about the various campaigns, please check the official Lineage 2M website and Twitter account.


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