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Pre-registration for LINE: Monster Farm has finally begun! A web commercial starring Einstein has also been released!

「LINE:モンスターファーム」の事前登録が遂に開始!アインシュタイン出演のWEB CMも公開!

In July 2022, the legendary " Monster Rancher " series will celebrate its 25th anniversary with the release of a completely new title for smartphones, " LINE: Monster Rancher. The revolutionary " friend-reproduction " method, in which monsters are created not from CDs as in the past, but from friends on the " LINE " communication application, has become a hot topic of discussion, and is in step with the times. New information was announced one after another and closed beta tests were conducted, but the Nintendo Switch "Ultra Monster Rancher " was announced and released, and the focus of "Monster Rancher" has shifted to the "Monster Rancher". Monster Rancher" has been the main topic of conversation. However, "Ultra Monster Monster Rancher" was a huge hit and proved that the "Monster Rancher" series' gameplay could still entertain people in the 2025 era, which is when "LINE: Monster Rancher" was also released. Monster Rancher" also made its move! Pre-registration has begun, a web commercial has been released, and various campaigns have started!


The more people register, the bigger the rewards! Pre-registration starts!

LINE:Monster Rancher
LINE: Monster Rancher

Pre-registration for "LINE: Monster Rancher", a completely new title in the series, started on November 21, 2022 (Monday)! The total number of registrations is the sum of those who have pre-ordered on the App Store, pre-registered on Google Play, added LINE's official account as a friend, followed the official Twitter account, and pre-registered on the various pre-registration sites. This time, pre-registration by adding the official LINE account of "LINE: Monster Rancher" as a friend and following the official Twitter account of "LINE: Monster Rancher" (@MonsterFarm_L ) has started. Follow the official Twitter account of "LINE: Monster Rancher" (@MonsterFarm_L). Please wait for the start of pre-registration on the App Store, Google Play, etc. As is standard with pre-registrations for apps, there will be a campaign in which you will be rewarded with a gorgeous prize after the service starts, and of course, this campaign will be held for "LINE: Monster Rancher" as well!

Pre-registration Rewards

The campaign will run from Monday, November 21, 2022 until 23:59 on the day before the release date, which will be announced at a later date. The game is scheduled to be released in the spring of 2023, but if you take it easy, it may be released suddenly, so be sure to pre-register as soon as possible to reach the goal of 400,000 players! For more information about the pre-registration campaign, please check the official website of "LINE: Monster Rancher"!

Official site renewal open! New PV also released!

The official website of "LINE: Monster Rancher" has been renewed and opened in conjunction with the start of pre-registration ! The site features new illustrations of the two comedians " Einstein ", the game screen, and monsters. The site also includes new illustrations of the game screen and monsters, an introduction of the game system, and a page introducing the characters! Even if you have never heard of "LINE: Monster Rancher" before, you can get an idea of what kind of game it is by looking at the official site. A promotional video has also been released, showing the features of the game, such as "friend replay," training, and competitions!

You can also see game screens, so whether you have played the series before or not, this video will make you want to play it as soon as possible. In addition, free SNS icons, headers, and virtual backgrounds featuring monsters and illustrations from the game are now available on the special contents page of the official website. Check it out!

LINE:Monster Rancher
LINE: Monster Rancher

WEB CM starring "Einstein" is now on view!

Naoki Inada and Yuzuru Kawai of the comedy duo "Einstein" also appear on the official website. The web commercial depicts the two enjoying raising monsters named " Inadder " and " Yudzoo " that they replayed from each other using the "Friend Rebirth" function!

Go for it, Inadder!

Cute Yudzoo

I'm cuter than you

The two are exchanging light-hearted dialogue as if they were watching an "Einstein" episode, and you can sense the good friendship between the two. In conjunction with the release of the web commercial, the " Making & Interview " video and the " Interview Full Version " have also been released. Please watch them to get a better sense of their lighthearted exchange and the good rapport they share.

Making & Interview

Interview Full Ver.

Campaign to win an Amazon gift card!

Twitter Follow & Retweet Campaign

As if that wasn't enough, there is also a Twitter follow & retweet campaign for a chance to win a gorgeous gift card! Fifty participants in the campaign will be selected by drawing to win an Amazon gift card (2,000 yen value) with an original "LINE: Monster Rancher" design. The card with the main visual design looks cool! To participate, simply follow the official "LINE: Monster Rancher" Twitter account (@MonsterFarm_L) and retweet the following campaign tweet!

By following the account to participate in the campaign, you can also complete the pre-registration, killing two birds with one stone, so please join us! The campaign will run from Monday, November 21, 2022 to Wednesday, November 30, 2022 at 23:59. Please check the official website of "LINE: Monster Rancher" for more details!


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