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The concept space of Enadri's pioneering "lifeguard" is decided to open in Uraharajuku!


In today's energy drink warring age, various energy drinks are sold by various manufacturers.
Energy drinks are very useful for those times when you just need to work a little harder or when you want to boost your mood, because you can get energy anytime and anywhere.
Although energy drinks have become firmly established in Japan, the term "energy drink" did not exist in the past, even though there were nutritional drinks, and there were no such products.
The " super-living organism drink Lifeguard," sold by Cheerio Japan Corporation, has been loved as a pioneer of energy drinks since 35 years ago when there were no such energy drinks.
The eye-catching camouflage design of the drink sets it apart from other drinks sold in vending machines or at retail stores, and in my early elementary school days, I remember being asked to buy it because it looked "cool.
Lifeguard has announced the opening of a new brand concept base, "Lifeguard Square " in Harajuku, Tokyo!

A base where you can experience everything Lifeguard has to offer!

Lifeguard Square-Supernatural Life Forms Plaza

Lifeguard Square is an all-weather plaza that provides a place and experience where new people can meet, enjoy, relax, and be inspired by the "delicious, fun, and new" beverages proposed by Cheerio. It is an all-weather plaza.
The camouflage pattern that is the symbol of Lifeguard is eye-catching, and the mascot character " Usadar " greets visitors, so even if you pass by without knowing it, you are likely to stop in your tracks.

Lifeguard Square -Super Life Form Plaza- (Japanese only)

In the " Super Life Form Plaza " on the first floor, the " Lifeguard Concept Cars (Toyota 86, Hilux, GR Yaris)" painted with pin-striping technology under the supervision of M&K CUSTOM SIGNS MAKOTO (Makoto Kobayashi ), who has been in charge of creating original pictures for the Lifeguard packages since 2009, will be on display. Hilux, and GR Yaris) " painted with pinstriping technology under the supervision of Makoto Kobayashi (Mr. Kobayashi) will be on display.
The camouflage and flame design of the Lifeguard is painted on the robust body of the car, which is very cool.

Lifeguard Square -Super Life Forms Plaza

Around the mascot character "Usader" bench, there will be a vending machine wrapped in "super life form camouflage" where all types of Cheerio brand beverages can be purchased, including Lifeguard's limited edition packages.
Some Cheerio products are only available in certain regions, so it will be great to be able to purchase all of their products.
There will also be street pianos wrapped in the "Camouflage of Super Life Forms" wrapping, so everyone can play the piano and have fun!
I have a strong feeling that pianists will appear in YouTube videos.

Lifeguard Square - Supernatural Life Forms Square - Lifeguard Square - Supernatural Life Forms Square - Lifeguard Square

To celebrate the opening on the second floor, we have collaborated with KYOTOGRAPHIE, the Kyoto International Photography Festival, which has been spreading global inspiration through photographic media throughout the city of Kyoto!
We have invited Ngadi Smart, an artist from the Republic of Sierra Leone, whose exhibition "Diverse Worlds" was highly acclaimed at KYOTOGRAPHIE 2021, and have reconstituted a wood installation designed for this exhibition and actually used in Kyoto, to match "Usada's Nest The wood installation designed for this exhibition and actually used in Kyoto will be reconstituted to match the "Usada's Nest," and Ngadi Smart's work will breathe life into the small chicken coop in TOKYO, where Usada was born.

As another opening commemoration, the arcade game " Initial D THE ARCADE " will be installed for a limited time only!
The "Initial D The Arcades" game is being played in collaboration with Lifeguard until December 1 (Wed.), and at the "Lifeguard Square - Super Lifeform Plaza" you will be able to ride in a Lifeguard concept car and play the game! You can play the game in a Lifeguard concept car at the "Lifeguard Square - Super Life Form Plaza"!
There is a great possibility that you will not have another opportunity to play Ini D in a Toyota 86. Please come visit us during the installation period!

Opening on November 12 along Cat Street!

Lifeguard Square will open on November 12, 2021 (Friday ) along Cat Street in Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo!
It is located across the street from Kiddy Land, so it is a good location to stop by while shopping.
The official website is scheduled to open on November 11 (Thu. ), the day before the opening, and various collaborative events are also planned, so this will be a spot you can enjoy no matter how many times you visit.
Come experience all that Japan's leading energy drink "Lifeguard," which is celebrating its 35th anniversary!

Lifeguard Square -Super Life Forms Plaza- (Japanese only)
Plaza Name Lifeguard Square - Super-Lifeform Plaza
Opening date November 12, 2021 (Friday)
Location MICO Jingumae 1-A, 4-25-12 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Opening hours 11:00 - 18:00
Closed Wednesdays
Official website https://lifeguardsquare.com/
Scheduled to open to the public on November 11, 2021 (Thursday)


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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