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New update to Legends of Runeterra! A lot of new area Targon and new champion 7 bodies


The free-to-play strategy card game "LoR," or "Legend of Runeterra," released in May 2020 by Raiatto Games, known for its "League of Legends" series, has gained wide popularity due to its deep strategic depth and the variety of ways to obtain cards. The game has gained wide popularity due to its deep strategic depth and the variety of ways to obtain cards.
The "Legend of Runeterra" game has received a new update!

New region "Turgon" and new card set "The Call of the Peaks"!

Patch 1.8 was released on Thursday, August 27, 2020 at around 3:00 a.m., adding a new card set "The Call of the Peaks " themed on the new region " Turgon ", new customization elements, and more.
In addition, 89 new cards (51 in Turgon and 38 in existing regions), including 7 new champions, are now available!

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The new "Call of the Peaks" is the first release, with the second and third releases scheduled for October and December, respectively!
The second and third "The Call of the Peaks" will each contain 40 additional cards, including three champions, and when the third "Call of the Peaks" is released in December, the number of champions and other cards will be roughly equal for all regions currently implemented.
The new champions this time around are

  • Leona (Turgon)
  • Diana (Turgon)
  • Olarion Sol (Turgon)
  • Tarik (Turgon)
  • Nocturne (Shadow Isle)
  • Trundle (Freyord)
  • Lulu (Ionia)

...and seven of them!
Leona and Diana, with their Daybreak andNightfall effects, respectively, represent the new region of Turgon.
Turgon is the most spectacular mountain in Rune Terra and is considered impossible to reach without a strong-willed explorer, as it rises out of the wilderness in the middle of nowhere.
These new areas will expand the world of "Legend of Runeterra"!

Other new customization elements include a new board "Starry Spirit Peak," a new guardian "Cosmo," and four new emot es.
For more information on the patch 1.8 update, please check out the official "Legends of Runeterra" Twitter page and the patch note 1.8 on the official website!


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