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Patch 2.2 is now available in League of Legends: Wild Lift! New champion "Gario", new features, new mode additions and more!


The League of Legends: Wild R ift, developed and managed by Riot Games, Inc.
The new champion, "Legendary Colossus Galio," will appear in the game, and new features such as " Desired Position " and the new " All Random All Mid " mode will be added!

New Champion "Legendary Colossus Galio

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On Thursday, April 1, 2021 (Japan time), "League of Legends: Wild Rift" will be joined by a new champion, " Galio "!
Galio" is a tank fighter champion with a strong magic attack and is mainly active in the mid lane.

Passive "Strike of the Colossus

Every few seconds, his normal attack is enhanced and changes to one that deals damage in a certain area.

Skill 1 "Whirlwind of War".

It creates two damaging gusts of wind from both wings.
The gusts become a tornado at the point where they merge, dealing damage continuously.

Skill 2 "Durand's Defense"

As an automatic effect, it gains a shield that prevents magic damage at regular intervals.
In addition, as a triggering effect, it reduces damage received while taking a defensive stance and inflicts damage and taunt effects on nearby enemies.

Skill 3 "Iron Fist of Justice"

Dashes forward and inflicts damage and a knock-up effect on the first enemy champion it hits.

ULT "Heroes Descending"

It lands on the target allied champion within range and grants a shield that prevents magic damage to all allies around it.
After a few seconds, it falls toward that landing point, dealing damage and knockups to enemy champions within range.

In addition, a total of six new skins, including the new "Galio" skin, will also be implemented during patch 2.2.

New features and new modes!

New feature "Position of your choice".
ワイルドリフト パッチノート

A new feature will be added to the system that will allow players to prioritize their preferred positions before the start of a match, allowing for more flexible matchmaking!
If you do not specify a position, the system will refer to your recent play history.

First, as a test, it will only be temporarily available from the Ranked Matches tab for two weeks.
Also, there will be a " Position Lab " where you will receive a blue moto every day you cooperate with the test, so be sure to participate!

New "All Random, All Mid" mode
ワイルドリフト パッチノート

The popular "All Random All Mid " game mode in the PC version of League of Legends, also known as "ARAM (Alarm)", will be available for 3 days only starting Monday, April 5, 2021! The "All Random All Mid" game mode will be available for three days only starting Monday, April 5, 2021!
Unlike "Summoner's Rift," in which lanes are divided into three, "All Random All Mid" is a high-tempo game mode in which a five-on-five group battle always takes place on a straight battlefield.
In addition, before the match, players fight against a randomly selected champion from the available champions!
Although champions not normally used are often chosen and the team composition is often unbalanced, this mode has a reputation for being easy to play because each match is extremely fast.
The "All Random All Mid" mode will be tested for three days starting Monday, April 5, 2021, and if there are no problems, it will be available for further play from Thursday, April 15, 2021 to Wednesday, May 19, 2021.

The new elements of Patch 2.2 introduced this time are just a small part of the new features.
Other new items and events will also be introduced.
For more information, please check the "League of Legends: Wildrift" patch notes and the official Twitter account.


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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