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New champions "Caitlyn" and "Jace" appear in the smartphone app "League of Legends: Wild Lift"!


"The League of Legends 5v5 MOBA experience has been re-imagined from the ground up for mobile and home consoles, with all-new controls and fast-paced match play, making it an otherworldly multi-battle of the popular smartphone title for players of all levels." League of Legends: Wildrift."
On Tuesday, November 9, new champions " Caitlin " and " Jace " were introduced!

Caitlin, Sheriff of Piltover

Known as the Sheriff of Piltover, Caitlin is also the city's number one go-to person for ridding the city of fleeing criminals. She is often partnered with Vi, whose calm demeanor contrasts sharply with Vi's fiery temperament, keeping them in balance. Although she owns the one and only hex rifle in the world, her real weapon is her intelligence, which she uses to set clever traps for the criminally insane in the "City of Progress".

ワイルドリフト パッチノート 2.5A 紹介ページ

A long-range attacker, "Caitlin" is able to fire a bullet from a distance using her Headshot, Peacemaker, Iodine Trap, L90 Caliber Net, and Bullseye skills.

Headshot. Each time you make a few normal attacks, the next one is enhanced.
Headshot" charge speed increases when attacking from the bushes
Peacemaker Shoots enemies in a straight line with a slight delay
Increased bullet width after the first hit
Iodine Trap Places traps on the ground
Trap snare & visualize the enemy, and then fire a "headshot" at the target of the trap
L-90 Caliber Shot Launches a net, dealing magic damage and slowing the target.
Launches a "headshot" at the target of the net.
ULT. Bullseye Locks onto enemies at long range
Deals damage based on the enemy's reduced health

Hope for the Future, Jace

Jace is a genius inventor who has vowed to dedicate his life to defending Piltover - and its tireless pursuit of progress. With his transformable Hextech Hammer in hand, he defends his beloved homeland with prowess, courage, and unparalleled intelligence. As a hero, he is respected throughout the city, but in fact, he is troubled by the attention he receives. Nevertheless, Jace is a man with a good heart, and even those who envy his natural talents are grateful for his presence in protecting the "City of Progress.

ワイルドリフト パッチノート 2.5A 紹介ページ

With his transformable hestech hammer, "Jace" can attack at close range with his powerful hammer and transform it to attack enemies at a distance, making him a champion of both close and long range attacks.

Hex Capacitor Increases movement speed by switching weapons
Sky Buster Dash at target enemy
Inflicts damage and a slowing effect on surrounding enemies
Shock Blast Launches an exploding orb.
Gains vision when exploding
Lightning Inflicts sustained damage to surrounding enemies.
Hyper Charge Accelerates next 3 normal attacks
Thunder Blow Swings a hammer at the target
Knocks back all surrounding enemies
Accel Gate Places a gate and temporarily gains visibility
Gives allies movement speed and enhances "shock blasts" that pass through it
ULT. Mercury Hammer/Mercury Cannon Weapon transforms into a hammer/cannon
Hammer: Increased physical/magical defense Cannon: Increased range

With over 40 champions to choose from, you and your friends can team up and play "League of Legends: Wild Rift", the 5v5 MOBA experience of "League of Legends", on your smartphone! How about it?
For more information, please visit the official Wildrift website.


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Moe Iori became the official ambassador for Wild Lift esports!
Moe Iori became the official ambassador for Wild Lift esports!...

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