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New champion "Leona", "Diana" and "Pantheon" will be implemented in the smartphone version of LoL "League of Legends: Wild Lift"!


Riot Games, Inc. has announced that three new champions will be added to the "League of Legends : Wildrift " smartphone title developed and managed by Riot Games, Inc.
The new champions are " Leona ", " Diana" and " Pantheon ".

Three new champions from TARGON!

The three new champions that have been announced are " Leona ", " Diana ", and " Pantheon ".
Like "Soraka" and "Olarion Sol", who have already been implemented, these champions are associated with Turgon, the sacred mountain.

Leona, Warrior of the Dawn Light

暁光の戦士 レオナ
Leona, Warrior of the Dawn Light

Leona, who burns with the heat of the sun, is a knight of Solari who protects Turgon, the spiritual peak, with her sword of the sun and shield of the dawn.
With her strong defense andabundant action-disrupting skills, she can be expected to play an active role as a tank support in the duolane.

Moon of Mockery Diana

嘲りの月 ダイアナ
Moon of Mockery Diana

Diana is a Lunari warrior who believes in the moon, holding a crescent-shaped sword and wearing armor reminiscent of midwinter snow shining in the dark night.
She is a Lunari warrior who believes in the moon. She and Leona, a Solari warrior who believes in the sun, used to be friends, but they fell out over a certain incident.
Diana" has powerful magic skills and plays an active role in the mid lanes.

Unshattering Spear Pantheon

砕けぬ槍 パンテオン
The Unshattering Spear Pantheon

Atreus is a warrior who carries in his body the pantheon, the essence of warfare.
Atreus, who has given up his name due to an incident, is now the "Pantheon" and stands against the gods, transcendent beings, demons, and others who have gained power but can only be destroyed.
The Pantheon, with its overwhelming offensive power andmobility, will be an excellent support for the top lane and duo lanes.

New skins will be released as they become available!

Diana, the Maiden of Darkness

In addition to the new champions "Leona," "Diana," and "Pantheon," new skins

  • Barbecue Leona
  • Diana, Maiden of Darkness
  • Full Metal Pantheon
  • Dragon Slayer Pantheon
  • Hellfire Diana
  • PROJECT:Ashe
  • PROJECT:Leona
  • PROJECT:Yasuo

All 10 types will be released sequentially!
Please check the official "League of Legends: Wildrift" website and Twitter account for more information on other updates.


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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