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The 154th new champion "Viego of Destruction" is implemented in League of Legends!

リーグ・オブ・レジェンドに154体目の新チャンピオン「滅びの王 ヴィエゴ」が実装!

Since its release in October 2009, "League of Legends" (LoL) has been loved by many players.
The "LJL 2021 Spring Split," a professional league in Japan that will start on January 23, 2021 (Saturday), has been sponsored by Kentucky Fried Chicken Japan Co.
The 154th new champion, " Viego, King of Doom," is now available in LoL!
He is an assassin fighter champion who possesses enemy champions and fights them with the King of Perdition sword.

「LJL 2021 Spring Split」ケンタッキーがスポンサードを発表!お得なクーポンも配布されるので逃さずチェック!

Viego" leads the world to destruction with his rage and madness after the death of his beloved wife.

新チャンピオン"滅びの王 ヴィエゴ"
New Champion "Viego, King of Ruin

Born the second son of a royal family, Viego lived a comfortable life and grew up to be a careless and selfish person.
However, when his older brother died unexpectedly, Viego took the throne.
He had neither the will nor the aptitude to rule, but when he met and married a poor woman named Isolde, he devoted his entire life to her.
Diego never took his country's rule seriously, and an enemy assassin, seeing this as an opportunity, plotted to assassinate him with a poisoned dagger.
Although the force of his bodyguards prevented the assassin from catching Viego in the vital spot, the blade grazed Isolde, and the quick-acting poison rendered her critically paralyzed.
Viego tried to save his wife by spending all the gold and silver in the treasury, but his efforts were in vain, and Isolde lost her life.
All in vain, Viego was consumed by madness, and the kingdom's treasures were spent in order to get the queen back.
When Viego learns the secret that the Blessed Isle contains sacred water that can cure any disease, he takes a large army and invades the sanctuary, laying waste to the peaceful land.
As he laid Isolde's corpse in the blessed water of life, Isolde rose up as a spirit of fearful shadow and fury, took Viego's magic sword, and pierced Viego's heart.
When the magic of the fountain and the magic of the ancient sword collide, the spiritual power of the sanctuary erupts, and Viego gains the power to inflict immortal agony on all he touches.
A thousand years later, Viego rises again and sets out on a journey to bring the world to its knees. Until the time of Isolde's return.

No matter the cost, no matter how outrageous the deed, he will not hesitate to do it for her.

Viego's Skills

Viego holds the King's Sword of Perdition and fights by possessing defeated enemy champions.

Unique skill "Reign of the King

He can possess an enemy champion by selecting an enemy champion who has earned himself a kill or assist.
When possessing a champion, the champion's health is restored according to the target's maximum health, and while possessed, all items, normal attacks, and skills other than R will change to those of the possessed enemy champion.
While possessed, the movement speed increases when moving toward the enemy champion, and Viego's R skill "Heartbreaker" can be activated once at will.

Q Skill "Sword of the King of Perdition

As an automatic effect, when a normal attack hits, it deals additional damage based on the target's current strength.
In addition, the normal attack becomes a double attack against an enemy who has been hit by the skill immediately before, and the second attack absorbs the target's strength.
The activation effect is a forward thrust with the sword, dealing damage to all enemies hit.
Note that the automatic effect continues during possession.

W Skill "Ghost's Lament" (W)

Dashes forward with a pool of power and releases a mist that stuns and damages the first enemy hit.
The duration of the stun and the range of the fog increase with the time the power is held, but the damage and dash distance remain the same.

E skill "Wandering Anguish

It creates a black fog in front of you, and while you are in the fog, you become camouflaged and your attack speed and movement speed increase.
The fog disperses along the first wall it hits.

R Skill "Heartbreaker

It abandons its possessed body and moves forward instantaneously, attacking the enemy champion with the lowest percentage of physical strength within its area of effect.
In doing so, it inflicts additional damage based on the target's reduced physical strength, knocking back any other enemy champions within range.

Viego, which inherits most of the performance of the enemy champion it possesses, can be very challenging to play at a high level, as it requires a good grasp of the skills of the other 153 champions in the game.
At around the 4:12 minute mark of the "Champion Spotlight," you can see an outplay in which two champions' skills are utilized to the fullest, resulting in a triple-kill.
You can also check out the skills with video on the skill introduction page of the official website.

Champion theme music is also available!

In conjunction with the implementation of Viego, the champion theme song has also been released.
The song has a solemn melody with a somewhat sad impression, and is perfect for Viego's story.

Shadow Isle and Viego were also featured prominently in the Season 2021 cinematic released on Saturday, January 9, 2021.
Diego made an impressive debut as the first new champion of 2021, and all eyes will be on him in the years to come.
For more information on Viego, including the champion development episode, please visit the official LoL website.


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