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League of Legends is the 153rd new champion "Steel Maiden Ler"!

リーグ・オブ・レジェンドに153体目の新チャンピオン「鋼鉄の乙女 レル」が実装!

Since its release in October 2009, League of Legends (LoL) has been a favorite of many players.
At The Game Awards 2020, it won two awards, Best Esports Game and Best Esports Event.
The 153rd new champion, " Rell, Maiden of Steel, " is now available in LoL!
With a body of steel and a will of steel, she is a tank support champion who fights by transforming her steel armor into a horse.

Rell" fights by transforming her steel armor into a horse.

Born the daughter of a Noxus infantryman, one day Rell awakens to the magic of manipulating metal, the Art of Manipulating Steel.
Rell quickly emerges as a brilliant student at a very special academy, where she is given sisil and pain in her arms and forced to fight other students in training exercises.
Day after day, the pain and sisil were strengthened, but the student who had been her training partner was never seen again.
On Lel's sixteenth birthday, her patience at last reaches its limit, and she reaves the teachers and enters the off-limits section of the academy, where the students she has trained are dumped as empty dolls.
Their magic power had been forcibly siphoned off and put into the sisil that covered Rell's body.
Enraged, Lelu now uses her power to destroy Noxus with her beloved horse of iron and save the children who survived the academy, just like her.
To read the story that reveals Lel's sad past, please visit the Universe page on the official LoL website.

新チャンピオン"鋼鉄の乙女 レル"
New Champion "Rell, Maiden of Steel

Train your mind. Be strong and unbreakable - Rell.

Rell's Skills.

Rell fights by transforming metal into his armor or a horse with his "Manipulative Steel Art," a metal manipulation spell.

Unique skill "Battle Cry of Innovation

Although not fast, Rell's attacks take away physical and magical defenses, dealing additional damage proportional to the number of defenses.
In addition, it can take away the durability of multiple opponents to improve its own defense.

Q Skill "Breaking Steel

It thrusts its spear forward, destroying any shields of the enemy and dealing damage.
If there is an ally nearby designated with the E-skill Defensive Friendship, it restores his and his allies' health according to the number of champions hit by this skill.

W Skill 1: "Manipulation of Steel: Armor Body

This skill is only available in cavalry form.
Rell leaps into the air and gains a shield that lasts until the cavalry transforms into armor and is destroyed or transforms back into cavalry form.
When it lands, it knocks up enemies around it and can also use the E-skill Defensive Friendship and R-skill Magnetic Storm Stream while transformed.
When in armor body form, its durability is increased but its movement speed is reduced.
After transforming, this skill changes to "Maneuvering: Cavalry".

W Skill 2: "Maneuvering Steel: Cavalry".

This skill can be used only in the armored form.
Rell dashes forward and her armor transforms into cavalry form, momentarily increasing her movement speed.
On her next attack, she charges at the opponent, dealing additional damage and throwing the enemy back over her shoulder.
In her cavalry form, her movement speed is increased.
After transforming, this skill is transformed into "Manipulation: Armor Body.

E skill "Defensive Friendship

It magnetically manipulates a piece of armor and grants it to a nearby ally, gaining additional physical and magical protection as long as they are nearby.
When the skill is used again, the granted armor is removed from the ally and stuns enemies that are between Rell's surroundings and the ally to whom the armor was granted.

R Skill "Magnetic Storm Stream".

A violent magnetic storm is generated around you.
A gravitational field appears, pulling enemies toward her for a few seconds.
The gravitational field does not affect the enemy's other actions, so attacks and skills are possible.

The "Champion Spotlight," a well-known official champion commentary, includes a gem of advice on how to use your horse well.
Many of the new items added in preseason 2021 grant shields, and we look forward to their performance as tank killer tanks.
You can also check out the skills with video on the skills introduction page of the official website.

Champion Trailer and Theme Song Also Released!

The Champion Trailer shows Rell laying waste to Noxus soldiers.
She is not intimidated by the large axe, and the way she heats and deforms the soldier's armor to defeat him, or transforms her own armor into a horse to run, gives the impression of a strong and powerful image of her.

A heavy metal theme song is also being released, which evokes a sense of metal heft and Lel's anger.
Some fans have asked her to join Pentakill, a heavy metal band formed by LoL champions in 2017.
The song is sung by South African artist Ecca Vandal.

Battle Queen "Rell".

The new skin is "Battle Queen Rell," which is a skin that will be released in conjunction with the Battle Queen event currently being held.
Other new skins will be added in the coming months.
For more information on Rell, including champion development episodes, please visit the official LoL website.


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