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Melee ADC

CC無効ではなく通常攻撃無効だった!「リーグ・オブ・レジェンド」161体目の新チャンピオン「放たれし喜び ニーラ」がパッチ12.13で登場!

League of Legends, a popular MOBA developed and operated by Raiatto Games, will introduce the 161st new champion, " Neela ", in patch 12.13, scheduled to be released on Wednesday, July 13, 2022 (Japan time)!
She will appear in patch 12.13, scheduled to be released around July 13, 2022 (Wednesday) Japan time!

Unleashed Joy, Neela

Nira" is a seeker who never cowering, but always with a look of joy on her face, takes on epic adventures.
She uses the power of the demon of joy, long sealed away, to right the wrongs done to her, and during her quest to find the one who sealed Viego, she senses the imminent return of a great threat.

Speaking of melee ADC, "Samira" has been implemented as a mixed melee/range champion, but "Neela" is a full melee champion.
The melee champions who are active in the BOT lane are all durable champions such as "Yasuo" and "Tam Kenchi", but what about "Neela"?

Unique Skill - Endless Joy

固有スキル - 終わりなき喜び
Unique Skill - Endless Joy

Neela heals the health of allies around her and strengthens her shield skill. If an ally grants Neela a strength recovery or shield effect, that ally also gains a strength recovery or shield effect. Also, if an allied champion grants himself or herself a strength recovery or shield effect near Neela, Neela also gains strength recovery or shield effect.
When Neela takes the last hit from an enemy minion, she and the closest allied champion gain half of the experience that they would not have gained by sharing, in addition to the normal shared experience.

The unique skills are all synergistic with those of "Neela's" closest allies.
There are very few champions with unique skills, especially those related to experience, which may give them an advantage in the BOT lane, especially in the early stages of the game.

Q - Shapeless Blade

Q - 形なき刃
Q - Shapeless Blade

Automatic effect: Normal attack and skill damage against the champion ignores a certain percentage of the target's physical defense, and Neela regains a certain percentage of the damage inflicted. This effect increases with the critical rate, and any excess recovery is converted to a shield.
Activation effect: Attacks in a straight line, dealing damage to all enemies hit. When it hits an enemy, its own range and attack speed are increased for a short while, and its normal attack is enhanced. The enhanced normal attack lashes out at a fan-shaped area and deals additional damage.

Automatic effects increase durability.
You can tell it's made for BOT lanes!
The increased range of the activation effect will also be used frequently in lane battles.

W - Veil of Joy

W - 歓喜のヴェール
W - Veil of Joy

Wrapped in a veil of joy, W - Veil of Joy increases movement speed for a short time, reduces magic damage, and evades all normal attacks. When touching an ally champion, the veil hides that ally as well. However, the duration of the effect on allies is shorter than that of Neela.

In the earlier Champion trailer, the stun effect of "Twisted Fate" did not work, so it was expected that it was a CC-disabling skill, but in fact, the effect is to avoid normal attacks.
The same effect is also applied to allies who are touched by this skill, so it can be used not only in lane battles but also in group battles.

E - Shooting in the Stream

E - 流撃
E - Shooting in the Stream

Dashes past the target unit. The distance traveled by the dash is always constant and damages all enemies it comes in contact with. This skill can be charged twice. Activating "Shapeless Blade (Q)" during "Slipstream" creates a wave in the path. This wave is delayed for a moment to inflict damage, and then the "Shapeless Blade" is enhanced with a normal attack effect.

This dash skill is essential to the design of the ranged ADC.
It also works in conjunction with the Q skill, similar to "Samira".

R - Apotheosis

R - アポテオシス
R - Apotheosis

The user releases a wave of force and attacks with a whip around himself. The final shockwave draws the enemy toward the center. The whip heals a percentage of the damage inflicted by the "apotheosis" and the excess is converted into a shield. This effect increases with the critical rate, and is also granted to surrounding allies.

After attacking the area around her with the whip, this skill uses a shockwave to draw the enemy toward the center of the whip.
Since "Neela" herself is not expected to be a good tank, a combo of approaching with the E skill, attacking with the R skill, and leaving with the E skill may be a good idea.
The effectiveness of this combo depends on the critical rate, so a critical build like "Yasuo's" is effective.

放たれし喜び ニーラ
Unleashed Joy: Nila

Nila" is scheduled to follow "Belle-Veth," the 160th champion implemented in patch 12.11.
The implementation of "Neela" in just one month is exceptional!
With the pro scene in the midst of the season in each region, this will be an exciting addition to the increasingly polarized environment of the BOT lanes.


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

34695CC無効ではなく通常攻撃無効だった!「リーグ・オブ・レジェンド」161体目の新チャンピオン「放たれし喜び ニーラ」がパッチ12.13で登場!
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