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The virtual pop group "K/DA" born from LoL has appeared in 4 titles of Riot Games as "K / DA ALL OUT"!

LoLから誕生したバーチャルポップグループ「K/DA」が新たに「K/DA ALL OUT」としてライアットゲームズの4タイトルに登場!

The virtual pop group " K/DA " is composed of characters from "League of Legends", the "LoL" game with an estimated player population of over 100 million.
K/DA ALL OUT " will be launching a new series of games on October 30, 2020 (Friday), including "League of Legends", "Legends of Runeterra", "Teamfight Tactics", &quot League of Legends: Wild Rift".

K/DA for League of Legends.

Before the debut of the new champion "Seraphine

As part of the Worlds 2020 tournament, which is being held in Shanghai, China since Friday, September 25, 2020, the 152nd new champion, Seraphine, will be available on the test server (PBE) starting Wednesday, October 14, 2020!
The new "K/DA ALL OUT" skin will be available for purchase on Friday, October 30, 2020 at 5:00 a.m. Japan time.
The lineup is as follows

  • New Champion Seraphine (Support/Mid)
  • K/DA ALL OUT Seraphine (Ultimate Skin, 3250RP)
  • K/DA ALL OUT Arli (Epic Skin, 1250RP)
  • K/DA ALL OUT Evelyn (Epic Skin, 1250RP)
  • K/DA ALL OUT Akari (Epic skin, 1250RP)
  • K/DA ALL OUT Kai-sa (Epic skin, 1250RP)
  • K/DA ALL OUT Kai-Sa Prestige Edition (Worlds Token x2000)

And much more!
Of particular interest is the new champion "Seraphine" release skin.
The skin is the Ultimate Skin, the most expensive item in the game!
Seraphine will be available in three different forms based on her journey from singing in her room to singing on stage with K/DA.

New Champion "Seraphine" Makes Her K/DA Debut


K/DA in Legends of Loon Terra

The "K/DA ALL OUT" Event Pass will be distributed to everyone who plays the "Legends of Loon Terra" after October 28, 2020!
The event pass includes a full set of Epic Spell Cards inspired by each K/DA member, as well as a new Guardian "Stellacorn", new emotes, and card backs for upgrading the pass!
The new K/DA board comes with special instrumental versions of K/DA songs, allowing players to create their own mixes of songs that can be changed mid-game!
Careful not to get too focused on the song and neglect your play!

K/DA Board

Team Fight Tactics K/DA

K/DA フューリーホーン
K/DA Fury Horn

Teamfight Tactics, an auto-chess game playable from within the LoL client, will feature the existing little legends "Feather Knight", "Hash Tail", "Squink", "Squink", &quot Fury Horn", "Light Charger" and "Light Charger".
The lineup is

  • K/DA Feather Knight (K/DA Akali and K/DA ALL OUT Akali)
  • K/DA Hashtail (K/DA Ahri and K/DA ALL OUT Ahri)
  • K/DA Squink (K/DA Evelyn and K/DA ALL OUT Evelyn)
  • K/DA Fury Horn (K/DA Ibryn and K/DA ALL OUT Ibryn)
  • K/DA Light Charger (K/DA Evelyn and K/DA ALL OUT Evelyn)

Total 10 types!
Each design is inspired by "K/DA" and "K/DA ALL OUT".
Little legends have no influence on the outcome of the game, but if you can charm the other players with your K/DA dance, you may be able to win the champion you are aiming for at the kaitenzushi...?

Stand out from your rivals!

K/DA" will also appear in "League of Legends: Wild Rift," a smartphone version of LoL currently in closed beta in Japan, with more details to be released soon.
For the latest information, please check the League of Legends official Twitter and K/DA official Twitter ( English).


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

The virtual pop group "K/DA" born from "League of Legends" released a new song for the first time in two years!
The virtual pop group "K/DA" born from "League of Legends" released a ...

"THE BADDEST" which becomes a new song in 2 after from the virtual pop group which was formed by 4 characters in the game of the "LoL" fact

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