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This game was chosen! "Kyoto Esports Summit 2020 Summer - Kyoto Esports Game Grand Prize Ceremony~" Winners Announced!

選ばれたのはこのゲームだ!「京都eスポーツサミット2020 Summer ~京都eスポーツゲーム大賞授賞式~」受賞者が発表!

The winners of the Kyoto eSports Game Awards, a game development contest jointly sponsored by Ponos Inc., Kyoto Prefecture, and the Japan Independent Game Association, as previously announced on funglr Games, have finally been selected!
Of the six nominated titles, the Grand Prize and four Special Prize winners will be announced.

「京都eスポーツサミット2020 Summer ~京都eスポーツゲーム大賞授賞式~」開催!

Event Summary

The "Kyoto eSports Game Awards" received over 20 submissions, and after a rigorous screening process, a total of 6 titles were nominated for the final round of judging.
On June 27, 2020, "Today and eSports Summit 2020 Summer - Kyoto eSports Game Awards Ceremony" will be held at "BitSummit Gaiden" to announce the winners from the 6 nominated titles!
One "Grand Prize" title and three "Special Prize" titles were selected for a total of four titles, which were presented with development support funds and commemorative trophies.

Award-winning titles

Grand Prize



Let's start with the grand prize winners!
The winner of the prestigious grand prize is " Shoe Foes " created by VB Lab!
Shoo Foes is a 1 vs. 1 sports action game in which cute UFOs fight each other. The game is a hot shooter with two simple controls: "Bukkowashi" to break boxes and "Shoo Shoo" to pull things up.
The judges, Yuka Kuramochi, producer of Gstar Gaming, and ACQUA, a JeSU certified professional gamer, have also commented on the competition.

Gstar Gaming Producer Yuka Kuramochi

The gap between the vividly colored dots of cute characters and the heated game play full of obstruction is wonderful! When the refrigerator, the target item, got stuck in the goal and did not fall, I couldn't help but yell out when I played the game at the first screening. The well-balanced stage gimmicks also make the game more exciting. The luck element seems to make it easy to have a chance even against advanced players.


JeSU Certified Professional Gamer ACQUA

I felt that the game was very well done, with easy-to-understand victory conditions, intuitive playability, and familiar visuals and sounds. The exquisitely balanced randomness of the game makes you feel a strong sense of excitement when playing, which leads to the joy of winning. I felt that there is still a lot of room for growth when you want to increase the level of competition, so I could see the potential of this work not only as a party game, but also as an e-sports title.


Special Prize

Kanino Kenka - Fight Crab

"カニノケンカ -Fight Crab-"公式サイト

The following is a list of the Special Award-winning titles in order.
The first title to receive a special award was " Kanino Kenka - Fight Crab " produced by Carappa Games, LLC.
Crab-no-Kenka is a physics simulation in which players control a moving crab, and the simple rule of the game is, "If you flip your opponent over, you win! ", a competitive action game with simple rules.
I get the feeling that they just want to call it "Fight Club," but I'm sure you'll enjoy the unique control of the crabs.

Doggy Ninja: Bakugan Strikers!

My Nintendo Store ドギーニンジャ 爆熱ストライカーズ!

The second title to win a special prize was " Doggie Ninja Bakunetsu St rikers!" produced by Toydia Inc. produced by Toydia, Inc.
Doggy Ninja is a soccer game that can be played by up to four players with a single stick and button operation.
It is a work that will be fun with friends and other players.

Diorama Night


And the last title to win a special prize was the Pickles production " Diorama Night"!
Diorama Night is a new type of competitive game in which players compete for treasures hidden underground in a cute diorama world.
This kind of atmosphere is exactly the kind of indie game I like!

The future of e-sports titles is here!

Of the six nominated titles, the above four have won awards. Congratulations!
The "Kyoto eSports Summit 2020 Summer - Kyoto eSports Game Awards Ceremony" concluded with the Grand Prize winner receiving 500,000 yen in development support and the Special Prize winner receiving 100,000 yen in development support.
Be sure to check back for more information on the award-winning e-sports titles!
You can see the video of the judging and the description of each title on the "Kyoto eSports Grand Prize Announcement Official Website".
For details on the winners of the "Kyoto eSports Game Awards", please see the news on the official Ponos website.


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