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Krand, the online liquor store famous for its sake gumbo, has rebranded and redesigned its e-commerce site and logo!


The online bar " Kurando" (formerly known as "KURAND "), which offers a variety of popular brands including "Sake Gacha," has undergone a brand renewal on November 15, 2022 (Tuesday), with a completely new e-commerce site and logo! In this renewal, the company has completely redesigned each and every page of the website in order to "make people enjoy encountering new sake even more.

Many popular brands are now available, including the "Sake Gacha"!


The " Sake G acha," which became a hot topic mainly on SNS, is still very popular, and many popular brands are still available, including "Sin-TSUMI," a pulp liquor exclusively for ice cream, "mume," a natural plum liquor with a delicious aroma, and "TOROCHOCO"," a chocolate liqueur. quot; and many other popular brands have been introduced.

The site has been renewed, including the overall look and feel of the site, four years after its opening in 2018, and has evolved into a store where even those who are not familiar with alcoholic beverages can intuitively find the perfect sake for them as their curiosity leads them.


With this renewal, the name "KURAND" has been changed to "KURAND," and the website logo has also been updated. The site's logo has also been redesigned, and the company is currently seeking a name for the cat in the new logo. The application period is until 23:59 on Sunday, November 20, 2022. The adopted and finalists will receive drinks and goods, so please get excited to participate from the target t weets.

We're planning to hold a special campaign!

The online liquor store "Cland" has been selling a variety of craft sake, including anime and VTuber collaborations, and will strive to further improve its services and develop craft sake in all genres in order to bring delicious craft sake to more people than ever before. The new store will be open from September 1 to October 1, 2012.

To celebrate the relaunch, the company is preparing a special "sake gacha" and campaign. Further information will be posted on the official Kurando website and Kurando's official Twitter (@KURAND_INFO ), so please look forward to further updates. At the time of writing, the Kurando Renewal Fair was being held, so please check it out as well.


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