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Nintendo Switch version "Kuni-kun's three kingdoms, all together! "The release date is finally decided!

Nintendo Switch版「くにおくんの三国志だよ全員集合!」の発売日が遂に決定!

Arc System Works' "Nekketsu Hard School Kuniokun" series will celebrate its 35th anniversary in 2021.
In December 2021, the 35th anniversary title " Kuniokun's Sangokushi: Let's All Meet! for Nintendo Switch in December 2021, and fans of the series have been eagerly awaiting new information.
The information that everyone has been waiting for has finally been released!
On November 26, 2021 (Friday) at 17:30, a program to celebrate "Kuniokun's" birthday, " Kuniokun 35th Anniversary Birth day! Special! Special!", new information was revealed! Finally, the release date for the Nintendo Switch version has been decided!

生誕35周年を祝う「くにおくん35周年記念 生誕ぶっちぎり!!スペシャル!」の放送が決定!

It will be released on December 16, 2021!

The Nintendo Switch version of "Kuniokun's Sangokushi! " is set for Thursday, December 16, 2021!
The game will be sold exclusively as a downloadable title and will be priced at 3,740 yen (tax included).
In conjunction with the announcement of the release date and price, a product trailer has also been released!

The trailer shows game system and other information that has not been released so far, and we can hardly wait until the game is released in about 3 weeks.
The characters are dots, but the backgrounds and effects are so beautiful, it's hard to resist!
The new 4-player cooperative mode that had been announced has also been revealed.
The new mode "Sangoku Eiyoroku: Akakabe no Chapters " has been revealed!

おまけモード"三国英雄録 ~赤壁ノ章~"
Extra mode "Sangoku Eiyoroku: Akakabe no Sho

This mode is a traditional belt-scrolling action game with easy controls and exhilarating battles.
The game is played in a traditional style, with the player defeating enemies that appear in the stage to advance to the next level, and defeating the boss waiting at the end of the stage to clear the stage.
Up to four players can play cooperatively ( at the time of release, only "sharing play" will be supported), so it is expected to be a mode that everyone can enjoy playing together.
The series' well-known attack on allies can be turned on or off, so you can enjoy both peaceful and brutal play.
In "Sangoku Eiyoroku: Akakabe No Chapters," 12 characters that were not available in the main series can be used! Let's aim to clear all 10 stages!

おまけモード"三国英雄録 ~赤壁ノ章~"
extra mode "Sangoku Eiyoroku: Akakabe no Sho" .

Be sure to bring this along on your New Year's trip home!

"Kuniookun's Sangokushi: Let's All Get Together! is the latest in the series, but the graphics of the characters are the same as in the "Kuniookun" series that you used to play back in the day.
If you are going home for the New Year's holidays for the first time in a long time, you are sure to see your brothers and friends who played "Daikokai" and "Jidai Geki" with you back then !
If that's the case, you can play "Kuniokun no Sangokushi Dasshutsu yo Zennin Gathering! Then why wouldn't they be excited to play "Kuniookun no Sangokushi Dasshutsu!" together?
Not only "Sangoku Eiyoroku: Akakabe no Chapters" but also " Story Mode" can be played with up to two players, so why don't you return to your childhood memories and play "Kuniookun" together again?
For more details, please visit the official website of " Kuniookun's Sangokushi! Please check the official website for more details!


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The series 35th anniversary title PS 4th edition of Steam edition is planning to sell in Nintendo Switch edition and 2022 years and after 4 months in December,