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35th anniversary title "Kuni-kun's three kingdoms are all together! "Release date decision! Game images and characters also turned out!


The recently announced " Nekketsu Hard School Kuniokun 35th Anniversary Project " will feature a completely new title, " Kuniokun no Sangokushi Datta Dasshutsu! "
Although it was announced, the only thing we knew about the title was that the theme would be " Sangokushi", and we were still waiting for more information.
There was no information on the teaser PV and teaser site that had been released.
Well, the 35th anniversary will last until May 2022, so I was just about to let my guard down and wait patiently for more information, when the teaser site was updated! New information has been revealed!


Kunio-kun is going all out in the "Romance of the Three Kingdoms"!

Kuniokun's Three Kingdoms! Logo

As the title logo of "Kuniokun's Sangokushi: Let's All Gather! is a title in the same vein as "Kuniokun no Jidai Geki D are Dasshutsu Daisetto Zasshutto! which is one of the most popular in the series.
As the title suggests, the story takes place in the world of "Sanguozhi Yanyi," one of China's three most famous novels.
Kunio-kun and his friends will go on a rampage in the world of "Sanguozhi," which is far more ancient than "jidaigeki," or period dramas that go back in time, and even beyond the borders of the three kingdoms!
In the "Jidai-Geki", Kunio and Gota were given different characters such as "Kunimasa" and "Bunzo", but in "Sangokushi", Kunio and his friends appear as characters from the "Sangokushi"! In "Sangokushi", Kunio and his friends will appear as "Sangokushi" characters!
Kunio will appear as " Guan Yu ", a general in Liu Bei's army.


Gouta will play the role of " Liu Bei " who later founds the "Shu" Kingdom.

Liu Bei

Godai as " Zhang Fei ", a former butcher who became a military commander after meeting Liu Bei.

Zhang Fei

Sawaguchi as Zhang Bao, a general who led the Yellow Turban Rebellion

Zhang Bao

Nishimura as Zhang Jiao, a guru who founded a religion to help the oppressed people at the end of the Later Han Dynasty

Zhang Jiao(Nishimura)

Momoyuan appears as " Tennyo, " the spirit of an ancient peach tree in Momoyuan.


These are the six characters announced this time, but the appeal of the Kuniokun series is the large number of characters that appear in the series.
We can't wait to find out who else will appear as which Sangokushi character!

The game genre is the traditional " belt-scrolling action " of the series!
The game will be a "belt-scrolling action game" in the tradition of the series, and the game genre will be "belt-scrolling action" in the tradition of the series!
In addition to the battlefield, there are towns and villages where you can shop and talk with people.

The "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" is also known as a battle of wits, and " strategy " is an attractive aspect of the game.
In this title, various "strategies" appear as a chance to turn the tables.
Since these strategies can have a powerful effect on all enemies on the screen, you may be able to use them to overcome a crisis, just like in the "Romance of the Three Kingdoms"!
Also, by using the "secret room" or "hidden passage" in certain places, you may or may not discover a "secret room" or "hidden passage".... You'll have to play to find out for yourself!

Of course, the familiar special moves of the Kuniokun series are still present.
In addition to the "Sangokushi" style special moves, will the series' traditional "Mach" moves also appear? Let's look forward to more information!

First up is "Kuniookun no Sangokushi" coming to Switch in December!

"Kuniokun no Sangokushi de Sangokushi Datta Dasshutsu! " will be available on Nintrendo Switch, PS4, and Ste am at a yet-to-be-determined price.
The Nintrendo Switch version is scheduled for an early release date of December 2021, while the PS4 and Steam versions are scheduled for April 2022 or later.
Since there is a gap of more than four months between the release dates, those who want to be the first to play the game may want to consider the Nintendo Switch version.
The game is a completely new version of the popular "Kuniokun no Jidai Geki Dare Dasshutte Dasshutte! ", you can expect a lot of fun!
Let's wait for further information!
For more information, please check the teaser site of "Kuniokun no Sangokushi Dayo Dasshutsu Dasshutsu! teaser site for more information!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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Holiday! 35th anniversary! Kuni-kun's official license goods release decision! Reservation...

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