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Momotetsu is finally used as a teaching material for school education! "Momotaro Dentetsu Educational Edition Lite ~Japan is interesting! ~"Announcement!

遂に桃鉄が学校教育の教材に!「桃太郎電鉄 教育版Lite ~日本っておもしろい!~」発表!

Tokyo Game Show 2022 " (TGS2022), Japan's largest game festival, finally opened on September 15, 2022 (Thursday).
The first time in three years that the show was open to the public at a real venue, the first and second days were business days for companies, but the show seemed to be the most active in recent years.
The editorial staff of funglr Games will be at the venue, so we will bring you updates as they happen! Be sure to follow us on Twitter (@funglr_games)!
Speaking of TGS, there will be a variety of events and official distribution at the venue. The latest information will be released in a variety of places, such as at events at the venue and on the official distribution sites, as well as on each manufacturer's own distribution sites.
There is a lot of information that will be unveiled for the first time at TGS, and Konami will be presenting " Momotaro Dentetsu: Showa Heisei, Reiwa is also a standard! ~A surprise announcement was made by Konami at the Tokyo Game Show 2022 Special Stage at the "Momotaro Dentetsu - Showa Heisei Reiwa is also a classic!
Momotetsu" for schools and other educational facilities " Momotaro Dentetsu Education Edition Lite - Japan is Fun!for schools and other educational institutions!


Momotetsu "Education Edition" for schools and other educational institutions!

The "Momotaro Dentetsu Educational Edition Lite - Japan is Fun! ~The announcement was made at the "Momotaro Dentetsu Educational Edition Lite: Japan is Interesting! ~The browser version of " Momotaro Dentetsu" will be used in the field of education.
I love games! For those of us who are not so keen on studying, Momotetsu has helped us learn about Japanese geography and local specialties without exaggeration.
I was surprised that Momotetsu could really be used as an educational material. I am deeply moved.
Of course, Momotetsu is not being used in the field of education, but it is being produced as a properly adjusted "educational version".
First of all, the game will be playable not on Nintendo Switch but on web browsers and tablets so that it can be used in school classes.
In recent years, PCs and tablets have been provided for use in school classes, so it will be nice not to have to install new equipment.
What's more, they plan to offer it free of charge so that it won't cost the educational field anything to install it! School officials, there's no reason not to introduce it!

Momotaro Dentetsu 教育版Lite ~日本っておもしろい!~
Momotaro Dentetsu Educational Lite - Japan is Fun! ~Japan is Interesting!

As for the content, it will be possible to set the target area and playing time according to the class.
In addition to the standard "All over Japan," the game can be played in "Hokkaido," "Tohoku," "Kanto," "Chubu," "Kinki," "Chugoku/Shikoku," " "Kyushu/Okinawa" " and "Kyushu/Okinawa" &quot. The user can choose from seven regions: "Hokkaido," "Tohoku," "Kanto," "Chubu," "Kinki," "Chugoku/Shikoku," "Kyushu/Okinawa," and can set a short time to complete the course in a typical class time, or focus on a specific region.

Momotaro Dentetsu 教育版Lite ~日本っておもしろい!~
Momotaro Dentetsu Education Lite - Japan is Fun! ~Momotaro Dentetsu Education Lite

When you stop at a station, basic information about that station or prefecture is displayed.
If you move your magnifying glass over the icons of buildings, food, etc. on the map, you can learn about the actual buildings, specialties, tourist attractions, historical sites, etc.
The author's generation used to look up things they were interested in while playing Momotetsu in a map book or geography textbook, but it is nice to be able to do it all in the "educational version" alone.

The balance of the game has been adjusted for use in an educational setting, and elements that could cause trouble between children have been eliminated, such as the inability to use attack cards to select someone else. I am sure you have experienced fights that eventually turned into fistfights.
The most important feature is that the "god of poverty," the symbol of Momotetsu, does not appear in the game! This is done to prevent too much fluctuation in one's wealth! No more "God of Poverty"!
This is the first Momotetsu game without the "God of Poverty" since the first Momotetsu game 35 years ago, so even for Momotetsu fans, this game is going to be a rarity.

The game is being produced under the supervision of Mr. Hidekazu Shodo, an elementary school teacher who was selected as a Global Teacher Prize 2019 Top 10 teacher, so it is being produced not as a game but as a solid educational material.
Comments from Mr. Hidekazu Shodo and Ms. Makira Sakaku, the original author of the Momotetsu series, were received in conjunction with the announcement.

Comment from Mr. Hidekazu Shodo

In today's over-saturated society, it is becoming increasingly difficult for children to maintain their desire to learn.
The key in this day and age is to create an environment in which children are not saying, "Let's study hard! The key in this day and age is to create an environment in which children are learning before they know it, rather than just saying, "Let's work hard and study!"
Entertainment has an appeal that attracts people's hearts and minds. The use of entertainment in the world of education is now attracting a lot of attention.
This is called "edutainment (entertainment + education).
Momotaro Dentetsu" is a pioneer of edutainment.
I hope that "Momotaro Dentetsu Education Edition" will increase the total amount of "smiles" and "before I knew it, I was learning" among children, and that edutainment will become more widespread.


Comment from Kira Sakuma

I have been wondering if "Momotetsu" could be used as a school textbook for a long time. I have been thinking about making "Momotetsu" into a school textbook for a long time.
This "Momotaro Dentetsu Educational Edition" is a dream come true.
I hope everyone will get a perfect score in geography and annoy the teachers.


Service scheduled to begin in 2023!

"Momotaro Dentetsu Education Lite - Japan is interesting! ~is being prepared to be introduced at school educational institutions nationwide in 2023!
I am sure that everyone in the school industry is already wondering about the contents and introduction method to the service.
In conjunction with this announcement, the " Momotaro Dentetsu Education Lite - Japan is Fun! ~ teaser site is now open to the public, and an inquiry form has been opened for educators only, so please contact us with any questions you may have!
As mentioned above, Momotetsu is a title that is so useful for learning that few people have learned about Japanese geography and specialties from Momotetsu.
The best way to learn anything is to make it fun! Momotetsu may just be the rebirth of geography education in Japan! Let's look forward to more news in the future.


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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