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Uiile is reborn as "eFootball"! Basic play free release decision this fall!


One of the most famous and most widely played soccer games of all time is Konami's Winning Eleven series.
This long-established title will celebrate its 26th anniversary on July 21, 2021, and is also one of the leading soccer games in the world, having been one of the first to focus on e-sports competitions.
The latest title, "eFootball Winning Eleven 2021," is also a big hit, and it has been announced that it will be reborn in the fall of 2021!

And it's free to play! It will be reborn as "eFootball"!


The "Winning Eleven" series will become a new brand "eFootball "!
Based on the expressive power of the Unreal Engine, a unique soccer game engine has been developed and will be reborn as a new brand.
Along with the announcement, a trailer introducing the outline of "eFootball" has been released!


eFootball" will be released in the fall of 2021 and will be free to play.
eFootball will be available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One home consoles, PC platforms such as Windows 10 and Steam, and smartphones such as iOS and Android. The game will be distributed on multiple platforms, including PC platforms such as Windows 10 and Steam, and smartphone platforms such as iOS and Android.


In the future, the game will be able to be played cross-platform on all compatible devices, including home consoles and smartphones, so you can play against people all over the world, transcending all boundaries.
The "eFootball" game will also feature Lionel Messi of FC Barcelona andNeymar of the Brazilian national team as ambassadors, with Andres Iniesta, who is a skilled dribbler and ball keeper , as the offensive gameplay adviser and the defensive gameplay adviser, as the defensive adviser. Gerard Pique, who supports the team with his overwhelming defensive abilities, is the team's defensive advisor.


The cooperation of star players is proof of the high expectations of the entire soccer industry for eFootball.
More details on the gameplay will be announced in late August 2021, so be sure to subscribe to the " eFootball Channel " on YouTube to stay tuned!

Post-release roadmap also available!

After the release of eFootball in the fall of 2021, various updates will be made in phases.
The roadmap from early fall 2021 to winter 2021 has now been released!

eFootball ロードマップ
eFootball Roadmap

Early Fall 2021: New "eFootball" will be launched!

  • New game engine
  • Cross-Generation Match
    PlayStation 5 vs. PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S vs. Xbox One, etc.
  • Local Matches
    Enjoy matches between big clubs such as FC Barcelona, Manchester United, Juventus, FC Bayern Munich, and more.

Fall 2021: A New Battle

  • Cross-platform (consoles and PC)
    PlayStation 5 vs. Steam and other home consoles and PCs will be able to play online.
  • Team Build Mode
    Team Build Mode allows players to strengthen their teams by developing players through training and adding powerful players and legends to their teams. Players can create their own original teams by gathering their favorite players and coaches who match their favorite formations and tactics.
  • Start of Online League
    An online league will be available for players to participate in with their original teams created in the Team Build Mode.
  • Match Pass" is now available!
    A new "Match Pass" will be available, which will allow players to choose their favorite players and earn items according to the number of matches they play.

Winter 2021: The Real "eFootball" Champions!

  • Opening of official e-sports tournaments
  • Cross-platform (home consoles, PC, mobile)
    Players will be able to play against each other on all compatible devices, such as PlayStation®5 vs. mobile devices.
  • Mobile controller support
    Mobile players will be able to connect game controllers to their mobile devices just as they can to their home consoles.

The latest updates and information will be posted on the official eFootball website and Twitter account (@we_konami ), so be sure to check them out and follow us!
Check back for the latest information and look forward to the start of distribution in the fall of 2021!


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