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The new attraction "Pawakoro Coliseum" that rolls and fights in the new mode "Power Park" of "Power Pro 2022" will appear on August 9 (Tue)!


A new attraction will appear on August 9, 2022 (Tuesday ) in the new "Power Park" mode added to " eBASEBALL Powerful Pro Base ball 2022" (hereafter referred to as "Power Pro 2022"), the latest in the "Power Pro" series!
In this attraction, you can convert your original players into pencils and fight with them!

New action "Power Colo Coliseum" will appear on August 9!

新アトラクション"パワコロ・コロシアム"がオープンPR TIMES

In the new "Power Park" mode introduced in Power Pro 2022, you can play "Sushi Survival," "Power Full Royale," and "Quot;" using the original players you've developed in "Success" and "Crown Nine. The game will be released on August 9, 2022, and will be available for download on the Nintendo DS.
The newest addition on August 9, 2022 (Tuesday) will be " Power Colo Colosseum," an unusual online battle game where players roll pencils that reflect the abilities of the original players!
Rolling pencils and fighting" may remind many people of "Battle Pencils," but that's just what the Power Pro series is all about.
This is a new type of game with a baseball twist!


In the "Power Colo Colosseum," players convert their original players into pencils called " Power Col os," and then build a deck that combines pitchers' and fielders' "Power Colos.
When you hit a hit or a home run, you can damage the player or manager in the direction of the hit ball!
Furthermore, as you accumulate hits and score runs, you will be able to use powerful skills that hold the key to victory!
Use all of these skills to reduce the opposing manager's HP to zero to win the game!

Enjoy this new and different attraction with your friends and online opponents!
For more information on other updates, please visit the official Power Pro 2022 website.


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The mini games it's sold in November, 2021 via the date of 10 years from a previous work, and the "succeeding" mode of the PAWAPOKESHIRIZU latest mode

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