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Switch body and Pokemon sword shield are hit! Koikeya officially said on Twitter, "Let's do it. Present campaign "held!


KOIKEYA Corporation, which manufactures and sells snacks such as "KOIKEYA Pride Potatoes," "Karamucho," and "Supa Mucho," is holding a giveaway campaign on its official Twitter account "KOIKEYA [Official] ( @koikeya_cp )" to promote its new product lineup. ( @koikeya_cp), which manufactures and sells "Supa Mucho" and other snacks, is holding a present campaign.
The campaign is titled " Let's Mucho. The campaign, titled "Let's Mucho... Present Campaign," will feature a Nintendo Switch console, which is currently being sold by lottery due to a shortage of stock, and " Pokémon Sword " and "Pokémon Shield" from the latest "Pokémon" series. Pokémon Sword" and " Pokémon Shield," the latest titles in the "Pokémon" series, will be offered as prizes.

A total of two winners will win a Nintendo Switch!

Let's Mucho! Present Campaign

The "Let's Mucho! Present Campaign" will run from today, Monday, November 16, 2020, until Tuesday, December 1, 2020, and will be held in two installments, the first and second.
To participate in the campaign, follow the official Twitter account of KOIKEYA and retweet the campaign's target tweet to complete the application.
The first campaign will run until Monday, November 23, and the second campaign will start on Tuesday, November 24.
There will be two prizes: the " Gameccho Prize," which will be awarded to one winner each time, and the " W Chance Prize," which will be awarded to 10 winners each time.

  • Mucho" series: 6 items x 1 bag: 6 bags
  • Nintendo Switch console: 1 unit
  • Pokémon Sword (1st) or Shield (2nd): 1 unit

The contents of the "W Chance Prize" are

  • Mucho" series: 6 items x 1 bag: 6 bags

The prize is still hard to get.
Those who want to get their hands on a Nintendo Switch, which is still hard to obtain, should apply for the prize.
For more details, please check the official Twitter account of KOIKEYA.


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